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Gears have a mind of there own........

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Removed_User_5, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. Hey,
    For the last few days I have been having this funky problemo with my gears.
    When sitting at lights or intersections in neutral I pop it into 1st and it wont go.....when it does and I let out the clutch it pops back into neutral....

    And when I can get moving getting into 2nd seems to take some effort too.
    It then slides back into neutral. Its not all the time but its happening alot recentley. Sometimes whilst changing down gears at a slow speed It often lets out a hell of a clunk......My bike was seriously overhauled before i bought it and has been running beautifully.
    Is there anything I can be doing wrong that has made this problem appear ?
    Or is it just me getting lazy with my shifting.
    Should I be worried about the clunking too.....? I have just noticed it doing it and Im sure it didnt do that before ?

    Its really annoying for me and dangerous for others around me if Im pulling out from an intersection and the bloody thing keeps popping back into neutral and i come to a standstill furiously trying to get the beeeaatch into gear.

    Any informative suggestions appreciated as Id have like to have riden down to island this weekend but Im not 100% sure if it will be ok.

  2. this sounds like big uh ohs to me :? i had similar symptoms on my old 1100 with the second gear only and was told i have a worn/bent selector fork. ridable, but if you keep going you'll end up with all sorts of trouble with the bits of sheared gears getting through your oil system and the gears themselves going bang on you.

    only place i'd ride the thing would be down to the closest mechanic, its a bummer, but you dont want it to become more of a bummer....
  3. Yeah...mechanic now. Delay will only make it worse/more expensive unfortunately.
  4. Have I done anything wrong or is it just one of those things ?

    Is this a job for Pete the Pom ?

    What about the GP.......? *cry's like a baby*
  5. Hey Stookie. :wink:
    Try selecting 1st before you come to a stop and leaving it in first while at the red light.
    Have you tried to use a bit of force to select gears (NOT kick it in gear and not lightly click)?
    Is your chain adjusted properly?
    The clunk is a typical Honda thing, nothing to worry about when selecting first.
    Ride out to Redwing Honda (i think that's the closest) and speak t them (maybe phone first and ask).
    Could be anything, mate. :?

    Maybe the real Harley riders have put a spell on your Hardley.....? :LOL:
  6. just one of those things mate. it can come from thrashing the bejeezus out of a gear and poor shifting, but more than likely, it was just an inevitable headache :? shit does sometimes happen, you might be lucky and you might not be, doesn't sound like you were one of the lucky ones this time unfortunately :(

    drive to the GP or get a lift. until you've sorted out what the problem is, dont ride it far, shift to 3rd as soon as you can and definately dont thrash it....
  7. Hmm, I noticed that the gears would pop out of place a fair bit under heavy braking on my old V25, but a few clutch slips and they'd usually get back to behaving themselves. Ie. If I stopped hard from fourth gear without changing down, it'd be a bit of a lottery trying to get back down the gears with the clutch in.

    Never had it popping out of first though, that sounds expensive...
  8. Since im useless with bike stuff as im new to anything mechanical with engines involved would anybody like to come take it for a spin to see if im trippin or i can come to you......like now....?
  9. The gears on my GS clunk sometimes (going down or into 1st from N). It mostly happens when I down shift a bit early without keeping the revs up. It's telling me "naughty, naughty" The other day I had a bit of a panic attack when I couldn't find N. I put it in 1st clutch out and rocked it. Problem solved and has never happened again.

    I really hope yours is just the G/B Gremlins playing tricks and will sort itself out. Fingers crossed...
  10. I just had a thought ........when i use the clutch the bite point is almost too far out on the lever.....so maybe the clutch isnt kicking into FULL action and its causing the gears to not go in properley.....maybe ?
    The bite point is far out on my bike so maybe a quick canle adjustment might be the go...?
    Is this something i can do my self ?

    I know about cables and stuff from my gears on a bike and stuff so maybe its the same idea

    My bike cant die ? cos it just cant.... its a Hardley ! not a Harley. And I dont have a ute to put it on....
  11. It happened to me couple of times, but only if I didn't "kick" it into gear hard enough. It's not easy to describe these problems either eh??? Mechanic is the one that you need to see mate, better safe than sorry, or wait for next spanner day!!!

    GP??? Well, you can get pillion spot pretty easy, right??? :D
  12. hahaha... is it a kawasaki? :D -J.
  13. Try holding the gear shift lever in place while you release the clutch (if you kick it up into gear and drop your foot back before releasing the clutch, sometimes the gear will slip into a false neutral).

    Also, sometimes you can adjust the tension on the clutch cable. Just look at where the cable connects to the clutch lever and there should be something on the cable that you can rotate to tighten / loosen it.