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GEARS Course - Sunday 4 February 2007

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ricecooker, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. This course held in the ACT is as cheap as chips. Do it girls, you won't be disappointed. A course is much better value than any mods that can be done to your bike.


    Road Craft Skills Development Course

    Course Dates

    Sunday 4 February 2007 - vacancies

    Cost: $60.00 a saving of $90.00 .

    Duration 5 hours

    Start: 9.30 am

    Course ratio: one instructor to six students

    And according to the January Got'M Newsletter - a great coffee stop with the instructor, a great opportunity to chat about 'riding techniques'.

    To attend this course you need to have been riding consistently for six months. The goal is to provide you with a learning experience that will
    enhance both your roadcraft skills eg buffering and hazard perception. Plus increase your enthusiasm for motorcycling.

    Registration is easy and fast when you use the on-line form


    Or, you are welcome to phone Stay Upright (02) 6241 3963

    For further information contact Dene.Basnett@optusnet.com.au