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Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by kawasaki1, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. Gday everyone,gearing,gearing,I did a day at Winton yesterday on a 1998 zx6r found down the straight an extra gear would have been nice does any one have knowledge of what gearing to run at different tracks for said bike.Also cant rave enough about Champions the day was run tops people friendly

  2. It must be already geared pretty low if you're running out of gears at Winton.

    Try fitting a 1 tooth larger front sprocket.

    As a very rough guide, you can get away with the same gearing at Winton and Broadford, add an extra tooth to the front over these for PI.

    At PI you can probably get away with the standard ZX6 gearing.
  3. Cheers Commo I bought the bike as a trackie I think it was geared for Wakefield,it came with spare gearing Im going back to Winton next month so will take your advise.
  4. As a rough guide, on most bikes 1 tooth larger up front = 3 teeth smaller out back. If you run out of room on the front to go larger, that is.
  5. Yeah, winton (long track) and broadford are pretty similar but for PI I go up one on the front and down 3 on the rear.
  6. what date are you going to Winton kawa 1 , I might see if I can make it