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Gearing Down

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by LiLEd, Jun 25, 2006.

  1. Hi guys,

    Im a newbie at riding and loving it. Havent had so much fun for so little money and love my bike to bits. I got a question for some more experienced riders. When gearing down why do people give the throttle a squirt as there going down in the gears.(With the clutch in). Kinda like double cluching but not. hehehe i know one thing it sounds tuff, ive kinda noticed it helps if you get a green lite while still moving. Let us know your thoughts guys.

  2. It makes the gear change smoother - when you drop a gear the engine has to rev faster to maintain the same speed - by revvind you increase engine speed so there is no "jolt" when you release the clutch...
  3. never really thought about the benefits just a habit that i have had for 27 years :shock:
  4. Better Gears

    Yeah ive noticed it makes it smother. But i never thought of the benifits till now while i was watching some bike clips. hehehhe I think ill be doing it for years to come.

  5. well when you think about it if you give it a little throttle the engine will speed itself up and you will drop less energy when you let the clutch out, than you will if the tyre has to speed your engine up and obviously drop speed.

    It's also the basis for clutch braking (terrible habit my mum taught me in the car that i've since dropped..(no pun intended))
  6. Yeah, clutch in, rev a bit, down shift and gear down, it's easier than you think, just takes a bit of practice, after a while, you will be able to do it with hand on front brake as well, the whole procedure helps the clutch and chains life quite a bit and also reduces the chance of a compression lock up.
  7. yeah it just make things a little smoother for me....
  8. I believe that's called "blipping". I was always taught it's better on your gearbox as when done correctly it better matches your engine revs with what your selected cog will be at. Maybe to some extent it might lessen the chances of a compression lockup if you change down a couple of gears at once *shrug*. But I've always done it in my cars and as soon as I started riding it was pretty natural.
  9. Blipping if done correctly reduces the stress on engine components [clutch, crank, gearbox etc] when re-engaging the engine at a lower gear.

    If blipping is too much of an ask, take 3 - 5 seconds to do a change. Just feed the clutch out slowly while slowly rolling on the throttle.
  10. Seen and heard to be used to good effect in this video here:


    At around time 0:40-0:45.

    I guess the best way to think about it would be to imagine what would happen entering that corner at speed if he didn't blip the throttle, and gear down and release the clutch and cause the rear wheel to compression lock.
  11. Mmmmmmm.............................can we say, slipper clutch? Don't have to worry about that stuff any more :p
  12. Are you kidding?, all the mechanical reasons in the world dont mean squat,
    It sounds great. give it a double rev and enjoy it !! :demon:
  13. Isn't the weather a bit cold to be gearing down???
  14. I'm not sure if there is a mechanical benifit to blipping as you gear down, but there is a definate comfort one (At least on a Twin). If you don't Blip then you get a sudden lurch as the gearing brings teh bike speed down, you get thrown forward a little bringing the weight onto your arms.

    Give it a blpi and keep a much more comfortable sadle position, no lurching.
  15. You know for a 7yr old you have a crap load of experence... When I was 7 i had alot of expereince in doing crap!!!! :LOL:

    Gearing down was great dropping froma 2.8-1 standard ratio to a 3.214-1 helped the jerkyness dissapear whilst maintain a *ahem* reasonable top speed... :wink:

    check you standard ratios and add a point or two...

    rear sprocket no. teeth =rs
    front sprocket no. teeth =fs
    ratio = r


    mine on the tt600 is an under ratio = over reving less stress..

  16. ^ yep what he said :wink:

    sounds good is a bonus... I do it coz it makes the down shift a lot smoother... and it sounds good :cool:
  17. do any of you change down clutchless?
  18. yes, have done on every bike I've ever owned, see the "Clutchless gearchange" thread, only on recently......
  19. There's 2 threads that come up with the search, "Clutchless downshifting" and "Clutchless upshifting", and there was another "clutchless..." thread on here recently but I couldn't find it... damn stoopid problems with the search :mad:
  20. There is a second good reason to 'blip' the throttle if you are riding a stroker. A stroker has a pressurised crankcase to force the mixture through the ports. On changing down you can momentarily 'overcharge' the cylinder, which can cause 'stutter'. Stutter in turn will cause plug fouling over time. A momentary increase in revs 'opens the throat' and burns that extra mixture. This also gives you better power off the change, important in racing.