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Gearbox worries on Boulevard C109R

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by nuffyboy, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. Hi Guy's, :tantrum:

    Can anyone out there that owns a Suzuki Boulevard M or C 109 tell me if their gearbox really crunches as they change gears.
    My dealer informs me that all is ok, but shit it seems like its going to fall apart sometime when I change up in the gears, and one day I expect to look back and see my gearbox sitting in the middle of the road behind me.
    So has anyone else got this almighty thump or clunk when changing gears, or is it just me? :eek:hno:

    Also do you guy's that own a M or C have a Clutch that rattles its arse off, sounds like I have marbles in there. :eek:hno:
  2. First to second - requires a FULL pull of the clutch, and a very firm shove into second.
    Other gears - should be like a knife in butter - easy as.
  3. OK, now he's really worried :tantrum:
  4. It's probably worth playing with the revs though.
    For instance if you normally wait until the engine is screaming (hah! on a 1.8L bike? :p) before changing up, try changing up earlier than you normally would and vice versa.
    Could just be you struggling against the synchro.

    Your description of the rattly clutch especially would have me worried, so maybe taking your bike to another suzuki dealer to have a look at isn't out of the question?
  5. According to the guys on the M109 forum clunky boxes are par for the course. Don't think the clutch rattle is normal though.
  6. You have a massive torquey engine and any mismatch will be felt and heard but I'm assuming you have played around with when to change gears.

    Are clutchless changes smooth?

    Try fresh oil and see if that helps.
  7. The first to second change gets a solid thunk noise.

    The gearbox should not be rattly, but the cam drivetrain is very rattly.

    Make sure that there is some play in the clutch, by peeling back the boot at the lever, and ensuring there is 2-3 mm of free play in the lever.
    If this is a new bike, let the dealer look at it, or compare it with some elses bike before you lose sleep over it.
    Many people have reported short shifting 1-2 - seems to be less of a hassle. Cos the engine has such massive grunt, it doesnt hamper acceleration if you shift into 2nd at about 3000 rpm. Can be stretched out into redline area in other gears.
    Also - do you have a TRE? The Bouly has a timing retard on 1st gear (maybe 2 and 3 as well?) Fitting a TRE advances the timing for low gears, and helps low speed pickup.
  8. they have a bit of a tractor gearbox but my M seems just fine

    although i have low km on it under 1k lol

    but the gearbox harshness is nothing compared to my Vespa PX

    massive crunch, chirps on downshifts... the clunk on a 109 is nothing compared to this thing.... but the thing is i know the Vespa will go forever no worries... i still worry everytime i ride the 9 from everything you read... but as they say shift like you mean it and you'll be right
  9. If you change 1-2 between 2500 and 3000 you will find its smooth as silk. The problem comes when you rev the crap out of first and try to change at something above that.

    If your clutch is "rattly" try taking it to another dealer, there is a known problem with what is called "clutch shudder" where the clutch will begin to slip. This is apparently down to not enough oil passing into the gear box.

    The guys at www.ozm109riders.com will have far better answers for you than me.
  10. You just need to 'Change It Like You Mean It!" No p*ssyfooting around on those bikes.

    If you want it to be SMOOOOOTH as, try these:

    1) Preload the shifter when in first (ie: apply some upward pressure on the shift pedal). As soon as you pull the clutch in, it'll slot right into second!

    2) Shift Early. This bike (I have an M) have mountains of torque. No need to rev the cr@p out of it before shifting

    3) If you're actually racing off the line in first and WANT to rev it high: SHOVE IT UP HARD, when you want to shift. It'll slot right in!

    4) What I Do: Start in second! Seriously, this bike takes off in second like other bikes do in first!
  11. Dealers are only there to sell bikes, anything else forget it.
    As to your clutch problem,it appears that the boulevards consistantly seem to have this probem,adjustting the clutch and cables helps alittle.Suzuki have no idea why this is happening,my opinion is it's manufacturing,which Suzuki and the dealers diagree.
    How do I know,like most of the boulevard owners I know have been riding bikes for years and they like myself know this problem if can't be fixed after sending the bike back to the workshop numurous times,then it could only be poor or faulty manufacturing,as I said before Suzuki are looking into it,don't hold your breath.
    Everyone I know has sold or traded thier bikes and bought new bikes,the best solution to the problem we think.
    Who wants to see thier in bits on the road,right.
    Good luck
  12. Shouldn't have to pull on the clutch,as you said it should be like a butter knife,nice and smooth
  13. Unfortunately we've done that as well
  14. Yes and we all pay good money for what ever we ride,so don't you think we deserve to get what we pay for
    The boulevard is a very nice piece of machiney other than this problem
  15. Having just dropped $1600 to have two cogs and a selector fork replaced in my 109 I can fill you in a little.
    Yes it is a known issue
    No, Suzuki wont admit it :(
    If you have a pre 09 model then please take care of your second gear shifting. All the points laid out here are very valuable.
    09 and on have had changes made in this. As an example the parts that went into my bike where not identical (apart from the massive wearing) to what came out. According to those int he know in 08 Suzuki upgraded all there spares to new spec parts.
    But of cause there was nothing wrong with the old stuff :jerk:
  16. Yes the M109R i just got does this exactly. Have spoken to 2 dealers and got told its normal for them. Seems as though it may be normal, but is a problem in the long run.
  17. Blue is it a new model or 2nd hand?
  18. Its an 07 model with 8k on the clock..
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  20. I have a M90 and that crunches up or down in the gears I have been told even the earlier Boulevard had the same problem