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Gearbox problem (SEAT Ibiza) help me with dignose

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Zbike, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. Ok just bougth a cheap run around Seat Ibiza (cheap VW) 95 its a manual and the gearbox is making the most unholy grinding scratching sound everytime i pull the clutch in and i can really hear everything changing and clickin into place.
    Gears Change easily runs good otherwise clutch does not slip even when thrasing it.

    My best geuss is the thrust bearing is rooted.
    I plan on grabing a Hanyes and doing it myself would just like a few more opionoins on whether or not it is the thrust bearing.
  2. Take it to a mechanic
  3. Sounds like a thrust bearing. Could also have damaged the pressure plate fingers and the fork.
  4. thanks after lots of reading around sounds like im on the right track

    ok thrust bearings come with clutch kits im just hunting around for one atm.

    Will it do any damage to leave the noisy bearings in there and drive around for a week or two till i get the parts. cant imagine any damage as a result. Is it likely to fail and foul up the rest of the gearbox?
  5. VW parts for a 90s car ! :?
    Got a quote yet ???
  6. worst case scenario, it siezes and rubs a groove in the clutch fork, or pressure plate diaphragm. If it's making an unholy sound, it probably already is. Drive as little as possible, or do clutchless shifts. And my neighbour is running a few early nineties VW Caravelle Vans.

    Don't ask him about parts prices....

  7. Find a big, high cliff,
  8. Yep, sounds like thrust bearing to me and on any other car I'd bother to get it fixed. :p :LOL:

    You're on the right track Rover, follow your nose.
  9. Well you already know your real problem then...
  10. Seat's are notorious for destroying gearbox bearings (all of them, not the throwout bearing). Buy a second hand box, and resell the heap of shit ASAP.

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. You bought a pup...