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gearbox making a clunk sound when dropping down gears

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by OscarA, Jun 14, 2009.

  1. Hi guys, I'm not sure if this is a problem or not but my gearbox makes a clunk sound when dropping gears.
    If I'm in 6th gear and pull the clutch in then start dropping gears there is a definite clunk sound as each gear engages.
    The gears go in ok and I have no trouble getting into gear going up or down.
    I have also tried doing clutchless up shifting but can't get the gears to budge up but if i give the gear shift a swift firm push down it will down shift without the clutch.
    Probably has nothing to do with the clunck sound but thought I'ld mention it.
    The bike is a FZX250 zeal.

  2. Mine clunks most of the time . . . but it's a Ducati, so it's expected.

    To do a clutchless upshift, hold firm upward pressure on the shift lever, chop (the opposite of blip) the throttle momentarily, and the gearbox should shift. It shouldn't shift before you chop the throttle, because it is the chopping of the throttle that briefly disengages the clutch. You shouldn't need to make a swift movement with your foot. If you try it that way, you have to synchronise your foot movement with the clutch release during the throttle chop, which can be difficult.
  3. Thanks for the reply RoderickGI.
    Good to know it's most likely nothing and mines not the only bike to do it.
    I'll try what you said about chopping the throttle while having upward pressure on the gearshift and see if that works.
  4. You don't say how long you've been riding, or how long you'ev had the bike (or both) but it sounds like you are just being too slow or too tentative on the down-shifts. Because bikes have a constant-mesh gearbox, you should be able to cut the throttle flick the clutch in and let it out in an instant, while prodding the gear lever down in a synchronised action.

    And RodGI is spot-on with his advice about shifting up; you should never have to use the clutch when shifting up if you get this technique right.....
  5. While I agree that a clutch isn't needed on up shifting from first to second it smooths it out a big unless you rev pretty high. When that's what I have noticed.

    Can I ask other responses not to start a debate on pros and cons of clutch free shifting.
  6. i would say your not gearing down fast enough. if you pull in your clutch and roll it for a bit, somethign i forgots what, slows down spinning and something else in the gear box is spining faster and doenst like it. make your down shifts more swift.

    I think your trying to gear down mutiple times while slowing down. 6th down to say 1st, while rolling to a stop. i would suggest releasing the clutch each gear down, that way you can also use engine to slow you down. or make your shift down faster
  7. Thanks guys some good advise there, I'm a nube and only have 300kms of riding about 3 weeks worth under my belt.
    I do sometimes (not always) leave the clutch in and go from 6th to 1st gear and that's probably the reason for the loudish clunk sounds.
    Looks like I need to practice more on my stopping using gears and brakes and not just using the clutch and brakes.
  8. Are you blipping the throttle on down changes? If not, learn to do that, it makes down changes much smoother and safer.
  9. No I haven't been, I'll try it (will need to practice it) and see how it goes.
    Looks like from all the replies it's just the way I'm down shifting that needs looking at. :roll: