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Solved Gearbox issue?? or maybe clutch??

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ArbitraryEmu, Jun 16, 2016.

  1. Hey guys,
    So the last couple of mornings my Aprilia has been difficult to shift down into first when travelling slow, and when stopped the gear lever has been stiff when trying to find neutral. I have to use so much pressure to shift up to N that when it finally moves it goes straight past into second.
    I suspect that my clutch master cylinder is on its way out, but the bike isn't creeping when the clutch is in? So I don't think its clutch drag causing the issue.

    The bike is due for an oil change, could old oil cause difficulty with this?
    I really don't want to have to split the case to have a look.....

  2. Read the manual, they're not designed for that ;-)
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  3. Sorry mate, its been a big day! can't tell if you're making a joke, or telling me that this is normal? haha
  4. Sounds like your clutch may not be fully disengaging. Put the rear of the bike on a stand and select neutral and see how much the rear spins (it will often spin a little but you should be able to stop it with your hand). May be as simple as the clutch line needing a bleed.
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  5. I'll have a look when I get home this arvo, The clutch is leaking somewhere a little, it sat in the garage for a couple of months and the fluid reservoir was dry, so maybe its sucked some air. The level hasn't changed since I topped it up though...... weird!
  6. Yeah, a joke, Aprilias are all about going fast aren't they?
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  7. If the reservoir was actually dry and not just low and you topped it up I'd say there's definitely some air in the line... Where was the leak coming from? Master? Slave? Banjo? Have you sorted the leak out? Fix the leak, top up fluid, bleed the line and see if the problem still exists. Sounds like clutch not engaging properly...
  8. Not sure, I've had a look over the bike and I can't see any fluid anywhere, and the level hasn't changed since I topped it up, but I'll give it a bleed this afternoon and have a closer look! I've thrown so much $$$$ at the old girl this last month, I'm praying I don't need a new master cylinder! haha :confused:
  9. What sort of Aprilia?
  10. 07 RSV1000R
  11. That's strange that you topped it up after finding a puddle of hydraulic fluid on the floor and it hasn't happened again. I'd get a torque wrench and nip all the banjo bolts, then check the hose for any damage. Bleed the line as your symptoms sound awfully like the clutch isn't engaging properly - it would feel similar to the clunky gear change you would feel with no clutch at all at slow speed.

    As darrenwilliam79darrenwilliam79 suggested, bike on a stand in neutral is a good gauge. If the wheel is stationary when in neutral (as it should be), try putting it in first and holding the clutch in. This should be stationary as well (or minimal movement able to be stopped with little force, same as when the bike is in neutral). Either way you'll see if your clutch is not engaging, or not disengaging, properly. New masters are a ball ache to purchase, hopefully it's just a bit of air in your line.

    I don't like preaching safety, but someone might read this and think it's a great idea, so let me just say that having your bike on a paddock stand with the sidestand up so you can run the bike in gear isn't a great idea regardless, and holding the clutch lever in while reaching around the spinning rear sprocket to stop the rear wheel with your hand is even more dangerous. I'd hate to see anyone get bitten by a bike chain, so get a mate to help you if necessary...
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  12. Even if you do find it's not sealing at the master, it's got to be worth trying a new seal kit before committing to a new cylinder.
    Either way, you need to know how that puddle of fluid got out. That's a smoking gun.
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  13. Cheers for the advice guys! I didn't find a puddle on the floor, just noticed it was empty.

    But, nonetheless, got some fluid, bled her up, and had a win! Not even a single bit of clutch drag even in gear with the clutch in!

    I'll just keep an eye on the level now and go from there!

    Cheers for the help guys!
  14. Nice work mate. Low level in your brake reservoir is usually an indicator that your pads are thinned out - more fluid required in the system to push the caliper further and make the pad contact the disc. You can top this up but note that your pads are due for replacement. Obviously this might not apply if there's a leak in your brake hydraulic system, but you get the point.

    When your clutch fluid goes down, that's a bit of a problem, because there's no consumable at the end of that line, there's just a slave cylinder and a piston that pushes a rod into your gear box. I'd keep a very close eye on that, because it would seem you have a leak, so a) clutch fluid will destroy pretty aprilia paint, and b) as titustitus said earlier, it's a smoking gun. I'm so curious as to where the fluid went!

    Anyway. Glad you got it sorted :)
  15. Cheers! I'll keep you posted!