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Gearbox/Clutch issue cbr900

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ZXRpilot, Nov 12, 2006.

  1. My clutch started slipping, and still does. It only does it around the redline 3rd gear onwards, or when under heavy load. But just after the clutch started slipping, Ive got an issue with changing from 1st to 2nd gear. If i rev it to where it starts to spin freely, around 7000+ in 1st I cant get into 2nd gear, with the clutch.
    Without using the clutch I can but still not around 10-11000.So I assume something is not right with 2nd gear?Any ideas on what might be bent, broken? Also if i miss 2nd, hit neutral I cant get into it unless i slow right down below 60ish.
    The bike is a 96' cbr900, any ideas on how much a gearbox rebuild will cost, I know itll be alot but a rough figure?
    Do you have to drop the engine out to get at the gearbox?
    Any ideas in general?

  2. Hi Zxr
    Would look at fixing clutch prob first. Make sure you have free play at lever, correct oil ( 4stroke motorcycle). If you open your filler cap and put your nose close, it should smell burnt if your clutch friction plates have been fried. If all is OK you may just get away with some new clutch springs if your lucky. I'm not sure if your gear select shaft goes through cases and picks up selector mech behind clutch basket, but if it does and you were in there doing clutch work it might be worth going a little further and having a look. Check detent roller wheel and operation. The job gets BIG if you have to split cases and get to gear box. Good luck
  3. The clutch issue could be causing both problems. I am thinking maybe your clutch is hanging up somehow, or teh clutch mechanism, somewhere from lever down has reduced travel.
    If teh clutch wasn't fully engaging, it would slip, and if not fully disengaging, could cause shift troubles. If your clutch has a back torque limiting device, this may be a problem too. It is possible for some small parts to fail in some designs and cause teh plates not to make full contact, or release fully.
    If both problems appeard at the same time, I'd look at clutch issues to fix both.
    Don't cane your bike till you get this sorted.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. Definately go get the clutch fixed. Poor gear selection with a slipping clutch won't neccessarly mean a buggered gearbox, but if you don't get the clutch fixed, it very quickly will.
  5. OK thanks, that makes me feel a bit better. Ill get the clutch sorted asap.
  6. Update on my bike..just riding around and leaving the bike in 2nd gear riding at a constant speed. After a while 1/3 times doign this on some straight roads its popping out of gear. So I think the 2nd gear might be on its way out. arrrr, its my fault. wheelies are bad.