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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by spoonta, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. Suggestions for brand gear:

    for each of below, would like to know what's a good brand and model.

    Boots: (not sure if i'd get any yet)

    Thanks guys!
  2. The ones that fit in the dearest you can afford.

    Personally BMW is the best gear I have found but it's also $4k for a complete atgatt setup. Fit is more important though.

    Btw boots are more important than pants maybe even a jacket. Drop a bike an get your ankle twisted is not fun road rash would be less permanent.
  3. Helmet: No such thing as the 'best' brand. Just go to somewhere with a good range of helmets and get what fits best. The best way to tell if it fits is to try and move your head within the helmet - the less inner movement the better. Have a look at some Shoei, AGV, Arai and see what fits. Avoid 'KMR' or other cheap Chinese plastic models.
    Jacket: Have a look at Dainese, Alpinestars and the like. If you can get one with a 'hump' and spine protector, then even better.
    Gloves: As above. Look for plastic/carbon knuckle bits.
    Pants: As above.
    Boots: Yes please get boots. Think about where your instinct to land will be if/when you have a tumble. It's your hands and feet. Boots don't need to be super-expensive Sidi race tech boots with $899 stickers - you can get really good boots for about $150-300. Just go with something that you can comfortably use the pedals on your bike and provide reasonable ankle support.

    Don't think so much in 'brands' or 'models'. If you are hell bent on having matching colours to your bike and the latest bike 'fashions' then yes, but the best thing to do is go to a big retailer (like Peter Stevens) and try their gear on. Fit is most important, then buy according to your budget. Don't be surprised if you come out $1000+ poorer - if it one day saves your life, then that's gotta be worth it.

    Happy riding!
  4. pm Takamii on here, he can help with helmet, gloves, kevlar jeans [just got mine and better fit then draggins]
    he will also provide an unbiased opinion on other gear too, he know his stuff and you have nuthin to lose!!
  5. Finn Moto on ebay has some good gear at an affordable price as well

    he has been around a long time so is not a overnight rip off merchant
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  7. I'd go MCAS Auburn have a look this sat day!
    so much to look at, often worry i got bad quality stuff

    Thanks all!

    more suggestions welcomed, or if you know where I can get bargain stuff!
  8. Depends on your budget I guess and how much emphasis you place on your protection.

    I have a Shoei XR-1100 helmet and love it. But with helmets get the one that fits the best and is comfortable.

    Have an AlpineStars leather jacket and an Ixon summer jacket/winter/wet weather jacket.

    Also have AlpineStars boots SMX-5 and also had GPS3 boots. Saved my toes in an off. I wouldn't personally ride without good foot protection and think it is vital to have, same with gloves. I have a pair of SP-2 AlpineStars gloves too which were unscathed when I had my off. I went with AlpineStars as I like the brand and it is well known and to be honest when looking at the other gear in the shop I had not heard of some of the other brands on sale plus I like the look, fit and style of it and it was in my price range.

    But there is lots of different brands and style out there. Just get what you like and can afford and will help protect you if you have an off.
  9. Shoei
    Alpine Star
    Alpine Star

    too easy.
  10. We need to know what kind of riding you're going to be doing, no point recommending you a one-piece race suit if you're only goign to be riding to the shops

    Helmets: Shark, Shoei, AGV, Suomy, Arai are the best brands for them. Fit is far more important than brand. I have a Shoei XR1100 as it fit very well and is four stars (I think it may even be higher..?) for safety. Just wear the helmet, shake your head back and forth pretty hard and see if it moves. There should not be anything more than a minimal movement, you shouldn't have to re-adjust it either. Just remember it will feel 'tight' in the shop but will loosen up. However, if you have any tight spots that just feel uncomfortabe buy something else, if it's painful instore how is it going to feel 3 hours into a ride?
  11. +1

    Very generous of you Takamii, too.

    I can recommend RS Taichi for leather jackets.

    Alpinestars and Sidi seem to be a good place to start boot-wise.
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  13. thanks all!

    I'm kinda thinking a Shoei or ARAI?

    Never throught boots are so important, totally changed my perception!

    For Sydneysiders, would you guys say MCAS Auburn a good place to look? or it's expensive?
  14. I went there last week and spend a touch over a grand in gear... It's not too bad, but it's mainly Rjays stuff...
  15. I've got to say, our own Takamii does do awesome helmets and jeans :)
  16. Bikebiz Parramatta are pretty good. I have also bought gear from Sydney City Motorcycles who were pretty friendly.
  17. i am thinking of getting jeans from Takamii!

    as for helmets, i wana try it out frst.

    one of those things, where it can go super expensive, and u don't know where the $ actually goes to.... hmm...
  18. My first ever gear so cant compare but I got:

    KBC Helmet - Little wind noise - keeps my head warm :p
    Alpine Stars Tech 1-R Jacket
    Draggin - Not sure what they are, 100% kevlar tight things that go under what im wearing so I can where any pants with out having to spend hundreds on jeans.
    Alpine star boots and gloves.

    Cant speak highly enough of Alpine star, absolutely love em.
  19. Dont trouble yourself with helmets yet, set yourself a budget, and see what fits the best in that budget. Stick with the major brands and your likely to get a great lid. I would highly recommend the XR1100, one of the best helmets you can get imo, and good value at around 600.
  20. Yeah, great helmet. Nice and light with little wind noise and heaps of vents.