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Gear up while turning right from stationary?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by webby, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. Say I'm at an intersection stopped and waiting to turn right the turn is quite long. Should I complete the turn then gear up to second?

  2. Gear when the bike sounds like it needs it. If you bodge the clutch though, it will be unsettling. You SHOULDN'T (that's a qualified shouldn't) have enough speed or lean to warrant holding onto a gear for way too long.

    Mind you a sports 250 will rev to 12000 happily so do you REAALLLLY need to change gear during a RH turn from a stand still???
  3. I would say that it depends on the circumstances. Higher revs potentially means more wheel spin, not ideal in the wet, so it may be best to short shift in to 2nd. But as robsalvv said, botching the clutch/gear change with the bike leaned over and (presumably) accelerating can cause the bike to become unsettled.

    The general rule of thumb I was taught (and yes there are exceptions) was that you should not change gears through a corner.
  4. coming out of the car park at work yesterday I swung around to the right and snicked it into second. Kept leaning and throttled up, only to find I was in neutral. Had a sphincter tightening moment there for a second as the bike wanted to go onto it's side.

    as others have said, on big capacity bikes you tend to want to get out of first ASAP in the traffic. on a small capacity bike, you are probably better off holding first until the bike is upright.
  5. Pretty much agree with whats been said so far.

    IMO - long open corner, short shift to second. short tight corner, carry first til the exit. (if its wet then use ur noggin :p)
  6. Right, left, whatever, if you have room to get your toe under the leaver and you want an other gear… Go for it.
    I did it all the time on the ZZR, I do it all the time on the R6 (Though I do show a tad more restraint).
    It is all about gear clutch and throttle control.
  7. Yep, carry first until you're out of the firing line.
  8. Wouldn't it be better to gear up before you get on the bike? Putting gloves on while riding just seems unnecessarily complicated to me...
  9. Why?
    If you can confidently make the gear change and it is safer to bring the revs down (for more power on a 250, and for less power on a big bike), why not do it?
  10. This also happened to me the other day! I was like doh!

    For more info I ride a virago 250 which I'm finding out needs a bit of a kick to change up :D
  11. 2nd can be less snatchy than 1st so that can be a consideration.

    Otherwise, I sometimes lean on the rear brake a little to get rid of drivetrain snatch and stay in first..
  12. Phuck! Don't tell Rob.
  13. I tend to short shift before I tip it in, depends on the bike though - VTR1000 has enough torque to pull my fat butt through...
  14. Just launch it from 2nd... Torque permitting!
  15. I short shift into 2nd and putt along. Sometimes I leave it in first, straighten up a little (space permitting) change into second and lean a bit more to finish of the turn...usually do this on a certain on ramp in Melbourne's west. For people in the west...princess hwy on ramp from kororoit creek road, city bound.
  16. That pesky steel expansion plate has nearly had me a couple of times, just from morning dew settling on it...
  17. Ibast you twit, it's INAPPROPRIATE use of rear brake that I don't like. :grin:
  18. There I was thinking it was never appropriate.
  19. Now that was just inappropriate. :)
  20. i change gear just after taking off in a straight then quickly lean it into the corner. time between taking off and changing up is perhaps 1sec.
    Works well for me...
    Or if its a tight curve, like the ones on a female model, then i stay in till it screams to the high heavens, and lean it right over to get a better angle