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Gear that I bought...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Shori, Oct 1, 2009.

  1. Guys,

    I disappeared for a while in search of a bike n gear. After a lot of inputs, research and great advise from the people on this forum. This is what I have settled with:

    - VTR250 - $5300 - 14450kms - EXCELLENT condition - scratch less (well not quite, an half a inch scratch on the oil tank) - less then 6 months old tyres. there is absolutely just nothing wrong with it - Rego till Jan

    Gear - Triumph Leather Jacket Portland $750
    another link - http://www.onyertriumph.net/leatherwear.php (sixth from the top)

    - SHOEI Helmet - TZ1 Matt Black $680

    - Shift half leather gloves $60 (w/t ventilation)

    - Insurance w/t Swan - $830


    The jacket is very comfortable and light compared to the other leather jackets I saw which were heavy and stiff (same price). Also the Triumph jacket does not have any back or chest protector nether a compartment to add one. I'm also not sure whether this leather quality & the thickness that it has will protect me....It does have the elbow & shoulder guard...

    I can still exchange it for this (my second choice) - http://www.alpinestars-shop.com/item4270.htm

    It's just that the Triumph is so very comfortable & awesome looking.

    Any advise like always will be greatly appreciated.

  2. I think we are a bit worried you are not protecting you legs and feet.
  3. What about the jacket though....the one I bought is that ok or shall I go for second option....???
  4. Are you buying the helmet overseas?
    If so its illegal to use it in australia.
    For $699 you can get a xr-1000 from thehelmetwarehouse.com.au delivered
  5. The jacket will be fine. Get some boots and some pants. No point having a well protected torso and mangled legs.
  6. Hey guys,

    Thanks again....I was just worried about my jacket as the material is a bit thin compared to the rest...but then its Triumph...so I guess it should be fine.

    I bought my helmet from here xcal.....the links are just to give you guys an idea what the gear looks like....I'll post the pics of the bike soon too......have to think of a way to get it from New Castle.....

  7. That insurance seems very high... my girlfriend's son's brand spanking new Ninja 250 was $20 less than you paid - also through Swann.
  8. This is the cheapest I could find.....may be coz I live in Sydney - city and its a secure car park in the building and not a house. Mine is a used bike also, don't know if that makes a difference...

    Can anyone suggest some thing else....
  9. Boots and Draggins at the least...

    The insurance could be because of your area. For my mate and I to insure a ninja 250 in two neighbouring suburbs of brisbane there is a $1000 difference....

    Go figure...
  10. If you're worried about impact protection for chest and back then check this, or this,or even this.

    There's any amount of protective gear you can get.