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Gear Stiffness on my new Hyosung

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by AmBam, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. Hey all,
    Probably a stupid question but I'm relatively new at this game...

    For those who have experienced or know a little about Hyosungs - just picked up my new GT250R on Saturday and I'm having a little bit of trouble kicking the baby into Neutral -
    It's not a real bother but holding in the cluth is killing my hand.

    Should I be sending it back to get it checked out or hang on for a while and see if it loosens up?
    Any suggestions?

    Thanks guys :)
  2. Your gearbox will probably loosen up as the engine runs in. Hopefully this will happen before the rest of the thing falls apart. ;)
  3. I still have this trouble on the CBR...unless of course i'm changing from first to second, then the sucker slips right on into neutral :evil:

    When i'm gearing down coming to a stop, instead of going 2nd to 1st, i'll usually tap it into neutral instead.

    However, since the rear ended threads lately, I've avoided doing that as much unless I can't see a car behind me.

    Otherwise, I've found when I'm stopped, and I try to put it into N from 1st, seeing it usually jumps to 2nd instead, having it there and lightly tapping it till it goes into N is easier than trying to get it to go in from 1st.

    Hope that makes sense :? :LOL:
  4. :LOL: Thanks mate - that makes me feel a whole lot better.
  5. roll forward and or backward while tyring to select n....

    If not depending how confident using your clutch bleed a little power through the box and shift from 1st to second then no power click it down.
  6. No worries...cheers for that guys. :grin: Love Netrider!

    Is this a common thing with Hyosungs or new bikes in general??
  7. mine is doing the same and it has done over 7000 k's, but as soon as you kill the engine it drops straight in??????
  8. Mine also does that too.

    And AM...the one i'm riding is a lot older than yours and it still does it.
  9. Dagnamit!!!!
    Ahhh well... sh*t happens...I love the bike anyway!
  10. They all do it ,its the quality build from hyosong :p
  11. Give it time dude. Let her run in. As has been suggested, try pop her into neutral just as youre coming to a stop. If not, inch the bike slightly forward or backwards at the lights and try again to pop it in. Takes some getting used to. Mine took a while to get used to.
  12. G'day BamBam!!
    I was looking at buying your bike mate a while ago...looked beautiful!
    but SOLD...
    Enjoy your new bike! :grin:
  13. Another thing that works on my bike is revving the engine up; it won't slip into the neutral when idling, but rev it up to about 3-4,000rpm and in it goes... also, I found it is much easier to put it into neutral from second rather than first gear.

    As you probably gathered by now, the problem is not unique to your bike, or to Hyosung. It is quite common across all models and brands, and it is one thing that absolutely gives me the shits!
  14. It will get easier as the engine & g/box wear in. It's also easier once it has warmed up properly. Most bikes do this so it's no real drama, it just needs to wear in.

    ps: Don't listen to Loz or Z900, their just Hyo-phobic's. :wink:
  15. Netrual is an optional extra on the Hysoung! Nah netrual is hard to find on most bikes, but seems to get better as the bike gets older.
  16. Most wet clutch bikes will still have some clutch drag through the oil with the lever pulled all the way in. It should ease up a fair bit when its warmed up. You will work out a knack to finding netural. If its a real pain tell the shop at the next service and the may put lighter oil in for you but I'm sure you'll earn to live with it. As others have said its not a Hyo issue.
  17. Yeah, it is getting better on mine. I estimate by the time I'll be selling the bike it will be close to what it should've been to begin with...
  18. :rofl:
    he can smell a hyo question from 40 miles :LOL:
  19. Can't say i have any real trouble finding it on my bike but maybe i've just developed a knack for it. I always go down to 1st then back up to neutral as well.
  20. Have had a gt650rL for just on 12 months now (only 5 weeks until I get id derestriacted :demon: )

    Very occasionally will have trouble getting neutral, but most of the time is easy as. The only issue that I have consistantly is the clunky change from first to second. But I have heard that this is pretty common on bikes.