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Gear/Sprocket : Engine rev / speed calculator

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by rex11, Sep 27, 2006.

  1. hi changed from 17 tooth to 16 on my 06 r`1 forgot what revs i was doing with the 17 t 100ks can any one help me out

  2. I'd imagine you would've been doing about 4000rpm in 6th gear @ 100km/h.
    So i'm guessing that with one off the front your now doing about 4400-4500rpm?
  3. Re: what rpm are you doing

    Knock yourself out...

    Gearing calculator:

  4. Alright, alright, how did you find THAT little gem, mark? :LOL:
  5. *Ktulu is offering 1.6:1 odds the answer is "Google"...*
  6. What a ripper, that deserves to be made a sticky.
  7. Gear ratio: Rev / speed calculator

    You ask for a "sticky" you get it :p
  8. Re: what rpm are you doing

    The link is this now:


    There's a note on the webpage saying that the page has moved and the notification page will go soon.
  9. gearing calculator is a great site the best i seen yet
  10. Bah, damnn 'database' doesn't have the gpx250 :(
  11. i first used this site 4 months ago i think. Been using it ever since. If you can find all the specs for your bike you can submit it.

    Having a bandit 250 which isnt on there was kind of disappointing. There was the 400 though so I just changed some settings in that with specs i found online and what it read seemed to match up pretty good. (speed and rpm).
  12. huh. interesting to note real speed verse displayed speed.

    on the hyo gt250r, im told that running into the redline in fourth can show 140 and up to 160-170 in fifth. that would be about 11.5 to 12k rpm. extrapolation of the data suggests 134 and 154 at 11550 rpm repectively. not too bad.
  13. Excellent link