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Gear Slipping

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by dazzahh, Mar 8, 2009.

  1. Hi Guys

    Just recently got myself into the motorcycle area :), (got bored of cars) and i am very excited. Just wanted to say Hey and i tend to be on these forums a lot more.

    Anyway just recently purchased a nice GT650R

    2005 Hyosung GT650R
    16,000 KMS
    Recently oil Changed

    I got a little issue which hopefully someone here has experienced or may know of.

    The bike is running like a charm and its great! however from First to Second gear its recently starting to slip into neutral by itself. For the week of using it it has not done it but its starting to do it byitself. I would ride goto change to 2nd but then realize it goes into neutral as i kick it up regardless if its hard or smooth. Sometimes i would ride in first and just slip into neutral byitself without even touching the clutch or lever.

    I have researched and most people say its user error or clutch cable or other adjustments i can do which will fix it. Anyhow i took it to a mechanic and he reckons that i need to replace my gearbox which can cost upto 2500$..... But i don't think its my gearbox i think its something else the reason why i say this because every other gear works like a charm except 1st > 2nd and 2 > 1 because when i hold the clutch in to change the bike pulls forward and has pull now i assumed when the clutch is in it should be neutral with no pull what so ever. So it could be a lose clutch cable or something else.

    Other then that its a great ride it only happens sometimes but its starting to get worse and worse.

  2. Happens to me when I don't put it into 2nd properly. Make sure you do the full motion, a stern push up slightly further than other gears as you have to cross neutral. Make sure you come off the throttle when you change.

    Make sure your clutch is correctly disengaging, try tightening the cable if it's not.

    If none of that works, then you might have gearbox problems :cry:
  3. You say this happens also when your in 2nd and riding along?
    You don't rest your foot on the lever do you?
    Could be clutchless changing down into neutral when you release the throttle.
  4. Make sure your clutch is adjusted right & make sure you are firm with your gear changes.

  5. Your bike should not pull forward with the clutch lever in. It means your clutch hasn't operated fully. Most common cause is your clutch cable isn't adjusted properly. You said that most people said cable but you didn't say if you had actually checked it.

    It should be adjusted to give only a small amount of play in the lever. Probably about 2-3 millimetres but your manual should give you a figure.

    If this is not adjusted properly it will make gear changing notchy. Won't affect other changes as much but it could cause the change from first through neutral to second to stop half way, hence going into neutral.

    However if you are slipping into neutral without while riding in first without touching anything, sounds more like a gearbox problem. Although it could be possible if the cable is not properly adjusted it may mean you are not properly engaging first and it pops out as load goes on.

    Whatever, first and most obvious step is to check the cable adjustment.
  6. Another tip with gearchanging is to hold the pressure (up if you're changing up) on the lever with your foot as you let the clutch out. ie don't just click it into the next gear, relax your foot, then let the clutch out. If you hold the pressure on it will make sure it goes fully into gear.
    If that doesn't help, you probably have gearbox trouble.
    As others have said, make sure your clutch is correctly adjusted first.