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Gear slipping, 2nd to netural and 6th to 5th! CBR250R. Help!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Booki, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. Gday boys and girls, i just bought my cbr250r not that long ago...
    anyway when i bought i immediatley dropped the oil and put in fresh spark plugs and cleaned the air filter.

    Now sometimes, (not all) when i take off in first, then flick it up into 2nd. It drops into netural and then i need to kick it up again. Is this common with CBR250R's?

    Also when riding in 5th and wanting to change into 6th, sometimes when i kick it up it will sorta stay "half way" between the gears and makes this really bad crunching noise as if the gear has half engadged. Its a similar process with 2nd and netural.

    Now is this something mechanically wrong with my bike....or me just having a lazy foot :S

    I think ill try adjust my gear leaver a little downward so i needed to kick up as high.

    But if its something that is major id like to get it sorted now.

    Sorry for the essay!!
    Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. Mine (ZXR250) drops out of 2nd sometimes too i assumed it was kinda normal i rode another bike and it did the same thing aswell. It was probably just my technique because it doesnt seem to happen as much now.

    As for the 5th+6th thing it sounds bad if its making crunching noises.
  3. Yea i know what you mean. Though it is not all the time. Im hoping its just my clumsy ass foot because i really have to jerk my knee up to change gears. Ill try adjusting it and see if it differs....(hoping so)
  4. If I don't give my cbr250rr a good solid push into second, it sometimes only makes it into neutral. Doesn't grind, just buzzes angrily and doesn't go anywhere cause its in neutral. Happened to me on other bikes too, it was just my lazy technique.
    Yes, its common on or maladjusted cold CBR250's and other bikes.

    Try changing the oil (if its older than 5000km) and practice doing more 'determined' shifts. 1 -> 2 takes slightly more distance than the other gears. Use the clutch correctly.

    Adjust the gear linkage (on the left side of the bike) so that the gear leaver doesn't move around too much. There may be a bit of play on the mounts. Perhaps adjust the lever down, so it is closer to your foot.

    Also make sure that the clutch disengages correctly. Might need to tighten the cable.

    Clean and adjust the chain.

    As for the 5th->6th thing, sounds like a bit of an issue. I notice that getting into sixth is stiff sometimes and needs a proper kick, but I've never had it grind. Not sure what to do about that, might be a mechanics job.
  5. Sounds like worn selector forks.
  6. Easy/Expensive to change?
  7. Easy, if you know what you are doing.

    Engine out. Split lower case half off. Gearbox comes out in your hands.
  8. Yep on idea what im doin lol!!
    No way confident enough to split the casing.
    Sounds like a prick of a job...i hope its just my sloppy technique...ill adjust the gear shifter b4 my next ride.
  9. No worries.
  10. To me is sounds more like lazy shifting or the gear lever being a bit high. When I got new boots I had to lower the gear lever on the Across because I was missing 2nd and missing 6th from 5th due do the boots not being as thick.

    Definitely check that before anything else.