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Gear shift lever length

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by anomalous, Feb 3, 2009.

  1. I'm sure this must have been asked, but as a new rider with large feet, it seems obvious to me that there would be a call for different sized shift levers for different feet.

    I have a VTR250, and find changing up more awkward that i think is necessary. partly lack of experience, Im sure, but also getting my oversized hoof between the footpeg and the shifter is a hassle - but one that would be significantly eased by a longer lever.

    a web search seems to reveal aftermarket shift levers are common for dirtbikes, but i havent found a single one for a road bike. why is this?

    on the vtr, the lever is very simple. it fits on a splined shaft and has an arm that extends back towards the foot, so a shorter lever would give me more room to get my toe under without having to point it downwards quite so much.

    it looks like i could possibly use one of the aftermarket dirtbike shifters, if i got the correct match to the VTR's splined shaft, and the correct length.

    has anyone tried this?


  2. i am not to sure about the babystorm's but shouldn't u be able to adjust the height of the leaver giving u more room for ur foot? i had to do that on my bikes so i can get my boots inbetween the shifting arm and the foot peg. hope that helps
  3. yeah I'm pretty sure most bikes have an adjustment for the shifter. I had the same problem, especially with riding boots on. I found out the previous owner must've had elf feet because when I first started riding the thing, I didn't check if my boot fit and I had to do almost force my boot to slide into the shifter. After I adjusted this it was fine.

    It should just be a rod with 2 nuts on either end. Loosen the nuts and then twist the rod and it should lengthen/shorten the shifter depending on which way you twist it.
  4. on the VTR, there is no push-rod. the lever is directly fitted onto a splined shaft. I could adjust the angle of the lever up or down by rotating the lever one or two splines in either direction. rotating it to drop the tip would make it even harder to get my foot in. raising the tip might make it easier, but then it leaves my foot at an uncomfortable angle if i was resting it on top of the lever.

    see pics below to make it clear:



    if i could get a slightly shorter lever, my problems would me helped a lot, i think.
  5. You may have to grind, bend, drill and rechrome that one. I doubt there will be an aftermarket adjustable. Very few bikes have the adjustable ones.
  6. Buy one from a wrecker and do a cut/shut weld. I've done it before on dirt bikes.

    No need to rechrome if you can deal with flat silver or black paint.
  7. getting one from a wrecker and modifying it seems to be the simplest solution. I'll keep the original in case i need to sell the bike, or decide i dont like the modified one.

    thanks for the advice.


  8. Yep, and as you have now said, stick the stocker in the cupboard for when you sell the bike....
  9. Yes, if you cut it at the weld where it attaches to the splined bit, you could shorten it and re-weld. Then if it works OK you could get it chromed or just paint it.
    Don't forget that as you shorten it, it will get proportionally stiffer to change gear due to reduced leverage.
  10. I'm guessing you're after something like this?



    I have no idea where you can get one, these images are from a japanese blog site where a guy is modifying a Spada for the track (note, he's also modified the peg position).

    If you could find one it would fit a VTR250 without problems, although it would probably cost less just to modify your own.
  11. Try riding on your toes?