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Gear selectors on scooters

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by stewy, Oct 16, 2009.

  1. Ok guys, are there any scooters with gear selectors on the handlebars or are all scooters autos

    cheers stewy

  2. Some old vespas have gears. Not sure on any modern scoots though.
  3. I think the burgman CVT has selectors to switch to preset gear ratios. So not technically a "gear" selector.
  4. yeah i have a 2006/7 200cc 2 stroke vespa

    4 speed manual, handlebar shift

    sadly no longer produced
  5. ah great is there any chance you might be able to take a picture of it and post it up for me. Just need it as a reference.

    Cheers stewy
  6. I have a Madass 125
    and its considered a scooter (but its not a step through) and it has 4 gears!!
  7. mad ass is more of a moped, lol

    just like a postie bike

    sorry i havent got a pic

    try google or even youtube in a how to ride kind of video
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    Back in 1967 I bought a s/h Piaggio Ape (pronounced "ah-peh" - Italian for bee) which had a clutch and twist 4-speed gearchange which was operated by the left hand. There was also a lever under the right back corner of the seat for engaging reverse gear. Effectly, there were four forward speeds and it was possible to use those same four ratios in reverse.
    Piaggio Ape
    From Wikipedia

    My vehicle was grey like this but lacked doors, and had a van back.

    ]Piaggio Ape Jumping a Bridge Commercial (YouTube)[/URL]

    Aftermarket(?) replacement Gearchange
  9. When I was in Bali there were more manual scooters than automatic. They had an automatic clutch, but the gear selector wasn't on the handlebars. They also showed you what gear you were in. They were Honda Vario's.
  10. Automatic clutch???
    Why doesn't that sound right....lol

    Ok before everyone gets stuck into me with all the clutchless gear changing and other setups these days.
    It kind still sounds strange.....
  11. Read a review of the new BMW S1000RR.
  12. didn't ride peewees as a tacker huh? postie bikes have auto clutch too if memory serves
  13. That's correct; On the left handlebar are push-button gear selectors for specific gear ratios, which make the bike ride like a manual bike (sans clutch).

    The shifts in manual mode are pretty violent/jerky, mind you. A friend has one, and I've had the (mis?)fortune of experiencing its manual shifts from the pillion seat. The sofa-wide, sofa-comfy sofa-like pillion seat. :)

    In normal CVT operation there's also the POWER button, which when held down makes the CVT use peak power RPM rather than peak torque RPM. Better acceleration rather than better efficiency.
  14. That's likely since the Postie Bikes are CT90 & CT110 Hondas.


    That designation stands for "Trail Cub" which (from the linked site) "is an off-shoot of the popular Super Cub line".


    There is a very interesting four page story from 1956 about the development of the Supercub - the biggest selling vehicle (in numbers) in world history: