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Gear Sack (or similar) questions

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by MelbourneMick, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. G'day all,

    I am considernig having a rack and Gearsack (or similar as I understand Gearsack is a brand name) fitted to my bike which is a Suzuki GS500F as I don't like riding with a backpack and have a few questions.

    1. Is Gearsack the way to go or are their other brands I should be considering?

    2. How much weight do the hold approximately. I am thinking of a medium size bag at this stage.

    3. Is their any noticeable affect on the handling of the bike. eg cross winds

    Any helpful hints, tips, advice etc would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I have a ventura rack and bag on my GS500F, the bag expandes to 51ltr i think. iirc it says not to load more than 10kg in it but I do my shopping with it every week and exceed this and havent had any problems yet. I havent noticed any real difference in handling regardless of the weather conditions.
  3. i've also got a ventura rack and the 51 litre bag. I can feel it when its got more than a few kg in it. Tankbag might be an option if you don't have too much to carry.
  4. Is the 51ltr the large bag?

    thanks for the info !
  5. When do you "feel it' ? during cornering? or just weight on the back?

    Basically i just want enough space to throw in clothes for an overnight trip away, a pair of runners and personal kit etc,.
    Sleeping bag will strap on as well but that is pretty compact.
  6. If you put the gearsack,the one I have used for 30 years,on the front of the frame and behind you on the seat you hardly notice the weight.Load it up and stick it on the rear of the frame and not so good.They do make it a bit harder to swing your leg over.Ugly as sin but realy helpful to cart crap,not waterproof or dustproof.
    Heavy duty garbage bags inside help this.
  7. just checked and I have the euro-rally bag which expands to 56ltrs which is the largest one they do. I vaguely remember seeing an rjays bag at the bike shop once which went up to about 80 or 100ltrs.
  8. If it's just for overnighters just get a tailbag.

    PS - With a tail bag and soft panniers I get 80L+ of storage on my bike, no foul looking frame and they cost half as much as a ventura / gearsack system
  9. excellent thank you !
  10. Thanks Zim some good food for thought there!
  11. Cheers Holster - being new to most things motorcycles i am not aware of the tailbag option. Are they fitted with a bracket or how are they secured?
    This could be a viable option
  12. If you only need it for an overnight trip then as holster said a tailbag should do the trick. You could also grab a tank bag and combined you would have about 60ltrs storage space and it would be about half the price of the ventura system.

  13. Thanks Holster that is brilliant and could well do for my needs!
    greatly appreciate the information and links
  14. Cheers Mr Grumpy hadn't thought of adding the tank bag for a little bit of extra space but I will certainly have a look at the tailbag option as for price and practability the sound great.
  15. This is just my opinion, after using and considering various options over the past 18 months on my F4i ...

    I love my latest setup by far ... my TOP BOX (it's a generic ebay / Renntec 28L box).

    You'll obviously need a rack to hold the top box (which comes with its own quick release mounting plate) - these racks unfortunately seem to only be from Ventura, which in my opinion are massively overpriced for the bent steel tubes they are (yes they do a lot of R&D, they're a small Kiwi company etc ie. good on them, but they're still steel tubes for few hundred bucks!). I bought my rack and top box from the one company (Renntec) in the UK, because it was difficult to source non-Ventura setups for my F4i. But with the GS500 I suspect you have much more rack options.

    I previously had an Aldi (gosh, their stuff's GOOD!) tail / tank bag - it was brilliant, still is (in fact I'm happy to flog it off to you! :) ), as it very quickly unzipped to a backpack, and was pretty waterproof. And it was tough as - it still looks new after 12months of decent use. But I got tired of not being to leave the bag securely on the bike, and not being able to lock my helmet on the bike quickly whenever I parked at my weekly uni classes (yes you can use a helmet lock but repeated use makes it fiddly and annoying).

    So, a top box was the last option ... and it turned out to be best one. I haven't noticed the bike handling any worse with the top box installed; yes the box looks a bit high but if you believe form follows function, that's not an issue. It feels AWESOME now that I can lock my normal backpack in the top box whilst I'm riding, and lock the helmet in the top box whilst the bike's parked. So convenient now. No regrets whatsoever.

    As a bonus, if you carry a pillion, the top box will act as a last resort back "stopper" for the pillion (psychologically anyway!) - it's not necessarily a back rest, but the pillion will feel much more secure knowing there's something behind holding them if anything happens.

    Finally, I also have soft panniers that will still fit comfortably on the sides of the pillion seat ie. this top box being out the back is not in the way (I could not use my previous Aldi tail pack and the soft panniers at the same time).

    A top box ... think about it. There's quite a few cheap workable ones on ebay.
  16. Can't go wrong with the Ventura Imola tail bag. I bought one for exactly the same uses as you have described. it fits the bill perfectly. There is also the Ventura Estoril which is smaller again (from memory, maybe 11L - 15L when expanded) good luck.
  17. more excellent info! thanks for this. I think i will have to have a good thinking about how often it will be used, what i will be carrying in it etc etc. The options I have been given here are brilliant
  18. I will look into these for sure....cheers!