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Gear recommendations?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by pancreasboy, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. Hey there Im a commuter and it's been 7 years since I've replaced my riding gear and it's starting to show (ie leaking, fraying etc), so i'm a bit out of touch about what's out there now and thought I'd get new gear in the financial year sales.

    I'd be looking to replace my:
    • AGV helmet
    • Rivet jacket with winter lining (which is leaking in arms and chest area in rain)
    • Motodry pants with winter lining (which has always leaked at the crouch for most of the time in rain)
    • Rivet gloves (which are fraying in between thumb and pointer finger)
    • Dri Rider boots (which leak in seams and are cracked from the weather and my lack of protecting them)

    So any suggestions on what's good out there for safety protection, to combat rain but be affordable if i have a budget of $1k.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I have ixon sismic jacket with 2 removable liners. Love it. Cool in summer, warm in winter
  3. I'll be honest - if your old gear has lasted 7 years why not just buy the latest versions of what you have....
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  4. I have a new Dianese Jacked that was very nice and warm and dry yesterday, Dianese gloves that kept my hands warm and dry, and my RJays boots kept my feet/shins dry (Could have been a bit warmer though). As for the Rjays wet weather pants, they are rubbish, as I warmed up on the bike and it was dry, I took them off to find that my Jeans underneath were all wet. So I need to find some better pants. I have an AGV K4 which I like very much.
  5. I have a textile jacket and pants here going cheap. I bought them in a pile of stuff, surplus to requirement, if you want them. Drop me a PM. Otherwise, Id +1 on updating the versions of what you have now if you have had 7 years out of them.
  6. I'll put my 2c forward and recommend a Macna Jura Night Eye jacket. Unfortunately I couldn't find an importer in Oz, so had it shipped from the UK. It's decent kit.
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  7. G'day pancreas boy,
    If you happy with the fit of the Agv then it may be best to stay with that brand. Helmets tend to have a certain fit. AMX is well worth a look, and definitely bikemart in Ringwwod. Both have good service e and range. For wet weather riding its hard to go past dririder. Aussie designed and tested, and all my Dr gear has been good value and performed well.
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  8. Thanks guys, I'm in Wollongong just south of Sydney, so maybe looking at MCA Motorcycle Accessories Supermarket in Carringbah since they're also having a birthday special this month.

    So although some of my old gear has been ok, my pants in particular weren't that impressive.

    And my helmet wasn't anything to talk about, since it fogged up quite easily (even with the visor opened slightly) so if anyone can recommend me a good one for fog that'd be good (and possibly with a internal adjustable tinted visor) or anything extra that's affordable.

    Thanks in advance.
  9. You can buy inserts for you visor that will stop it from fogging up. Another trick that works on most, not all, visors, is applying some dish washing liquid, shampoo or a commercially available product like 'cat crap' on the visor.
  10. It's been a week and a half since I bought gear. Reckon I'm doing pretty good.

    Of course the word 'gear' can be used for many things.
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  11. Before diving, you usually spit into your goggles/mask and rub your spit around to stop it from fogging up when your 20m down. ... although I don't know if you really want to spit on your visor before every ride.. might also smell..
  12. Oh yeah what did ya get Barters81?
  13. And yeah have used the insert which seemed to work better, but wondering if there was better materials on helmets these days?
  14. Same principle though
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  15. 1/4......:whistle:......
  16. I just had that jacket and pants arrive from bikesales last night. 10% off atm and very quick delivery but of course no chance to try first. But I have alpinestars leather jacket and pants so I felt fairly safe. Pants are tighter than expected though but probably still the correct size - i just need to work back to a more italian body shape

    And haven't ridden in it yet - was pouring rain last night.