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Gear recomendations for a $2500 budget

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by sillygit, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. After reading a few threads on gear I've decided to up my budget. I was aiming for about 1500 bucks but now I'm thinking up to $2500. So far I'm guessing about $700 for the helmet and the rest on jacket, pants, boots, gloves and back protector. I've had a few good stacks on my pushy, including three months with plastic skin on my right leg and arm, and that was only at 30-40km/hour. There is no way I'm going to cheap out with the risk of a high speed fall.

    Also, I'm a 6'2" heavy built (weight lifting, etc), slightly overweight guy (I'm in IT). I have huge legs and I'd look absolutely ridiculous in tight fitting bike gear.

    Anyway, down to questions. What gear would people recommend for that budget?


    EDIT: I found Flyin' Brians Deals mentioned in one of the threads. Anyone know how much cheaper it works out to be from retail?
  2. $400 will get an extremely good helmet.
    $600 will get you an awesome leather jacket
    $350 Will get you fantastic boots
    $60 for a pair of leather gloves
    $100 for a back protector
    $23.50 for a Netrider Neckwarmer
    $80 for a pair of wet over pants
    $50 for 100 pair of ear plugs
    $250 for a wet weather jacket


    walk in with a big fat wallet and start pointing, "I'll take one of these, these, ummm, that, oh and while we're at it, one of those and get yourself a decent discount too.

    The difference between a $400 and a $700 helmet could be as silly as getting a racers replica.
    If you must have the same design as Casey Stoner of Troy Bayliss etc, you will pay $400 extra for that privelage.

    Confused you enough have I?
  3. Definitely. :shock:

    That's some good info, thanks. I obviously don't have to spend the full $2500 I just wanted to adjust my expectations.
  4. Great list Vic, you might want to add other pants to it (ie draggins or leathers) & turn it into a sticky :idea: :?:
  5. How/what do you ride? Are you a track day junkie who won't ride in the wet? Do your ride all year around? Commuter or weekend warrior?

    RJays 2 piece leather suit
    or if you prefer textile
    Jacket & Pants

    If you want to spend more money, look for leathers such as Dianese or Tiger Angel.

    Can't see the point in spending more than $20 on a neckwarmer, so this'll do.

    Super expensive helmets are not always a better choice. I preferred my old $300 helmet to my new $600 one. :roll:

    There's so many options, knowing how you ride will help narrow the field a bit for more suggestions.
  6. Well, I'm just starting out. I'm going to be commuting, and, based on my 2 weeks riding around in the Golden Triangle in Thailand, some weekend trips. I'm definitely not a speed junkie (10 years on driving and my only ticket was one of those stupid no-through between 7am-9am things).

    I'm planning on getting a Honda VTR250...

    Based on the reactions it would seem my initial 1500 budget might have been pretty good.
  7. That was me before I got a bike. But now.. oh who am I kidding I'm still slow :rofl:

    If you're commuting those 3 layer mesh jackets (mesh, rain, warm) are very useful.
  8. Just a couple of minor things that I've found - the more expensive helmets seem lighter and are more comfy, make sure jacket sleeves can tuck into gloves (so that you can stop cold air running up your arms), pants with ce armour on knees is good (if you have a low speed or stationary off you wont hurt yourself - draggin jeans have option armour if you're not keen on leather/textile pants), get boots with ankle protection, look for a jacket with vents and liner or get 2 (one for winter one for summer) - I prefer leather as it is more comfy when worn in (I started with textile) the more expensive leather has a better finish around the edges (eg no scratchy bit around neck) and is more comfy and make sure it has proper armour, gloves - look at getting 2 pairs (one for winter one for summer) and make sure they fit when you hold handle bars and reach and pull in clutch and brake. Just try on a wide range and look at the price last if you can afford. I found it hard to find a leather jacket that wasn't too short when you sit on your bike so that you didn't have a big gap between jeans and jacket - some jackets come with an extension to avoid this hassle (of couse they are the more expensive brands). Happy shopping and take your time don't let the sales people rush you, you're going to have the gear for a long time!
  9. Buy two pairs of draggins at least, get winter and summer gloves, get a tinted visor, long johns for winter, these are all the things I have purchased over the last 15 months of commuting.

    There ya go plus Vic's list and you have spent $2,500. easy aint it. :grin:
  10. Thanks again for all the info...

    What's the deal with Draggin Jeans? Do they have padding in the appropriate places?

    EDIT: I found this page which seems to suggest getting optional knee and hip armour...
  11. Hey sillyg, dunno what your work is like but I can leave a change of clothes at work (shirts/shoes/pants/suit/etc). If you can do this then it's happy days, as long as you don't mind changing before after work (beats waiting for train/leaving carpark!).

    I would also suggest getting some proper cordura/winter riding pants ($120 - $200) with removable quilted lining to go with the cordura jacket. You can take out the lining if you wanna wear pants underneath as they generally fit a bit looser without the lining.

    You will be commuting in the rain/cold a lot in Melbourne over the next few months until summer is back. My cold weather gear got more use than my leathers did during that period last year when I started out. With a winter top/bottom combo like this and a neck warmer (and get boots that are waterproof) I always stayed dry and warm on my rides no-matter how wet and cold it was (sometimes even a little too hot, but polypropelene thermals under will keep you warm and also wick).

    About the draggins or similar re: armour. Just get some mx knee/shin guards (see this thread). You can then wear them under the jeans and winter pants and they will stay in place much better than the original stuff. Most winter riding pants will have some hip/thigh foam armour in them already. The winter gear will also prolly suit your body type a bit better due to bigger not so form-fitting.

    Sorry for all the waffle, but the above in addition to Vic's list and you are sorted for the commute. Oh yeah - you will find a magnetic tank bag ($50) or similar very handy too!
  12. There will be 3 to win, one in October, one in November and one is December ;)
  13. i personally go with 1 brand alpinestars coz i can't be bothered of checking individual brands for individual type clothing :)