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Gear purchasing in Sydney

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Jace_F, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. Wheres good? Any suggestions?


  2. MCA Parra is good. Went there after my Ls and geared up. I had a good experience after no research and just walking in off the street so nothing to compare to really
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  3. bikergearwarehouse seem ok the once I've used them...
    mcas in para as well as above, very good too and go in there a reasonable bit.
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  4. Action MC in Parra, they had a sale on 2-3 weeks ago. They might have stuff left. I picked up a pair of boots. Probably getting rid of old stock.

    MCAS is good. They have heaps of stuff to fit most budget.

    Check out their website.
  5. yeh MCAS has good range. They have 3 stores in Sydney; Liverpool, Auburn and Sydney CBD. Auburn is where the superstore is!
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  6. All of the above and if your near the city go see Peter at PMR.
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  7. Thanks guys, I have checked out the MCA website and looks to have a good range but il shop around. Cheers!
  8. I got my cover from "The Helmet Warehouse", was very good price and very very helpful people.
  9. MCAS is a rip off ...they have some cheap prices as its cheap stuff.
    Their good gear is way way way over priced ,like double ,just shop around on line to compair and see.
    Action MC parra have some ok deals ,but are a bunch of arsehole ,buy gear.. NEVER EVER EVER EVER buy a bike.
    Bikebiz parramatta have great staff ,bit pricey ,but good gear and no bullshit ,they will fit you out .....been there 30 times and always get looked after and never even brought a bike there before.
    Sydney city motorycles has some ok sales...see website.
    Bike gear wharehouse ,has some GREAT sales ...join the email list for daily sales offers.

    Peter steven in melbourne has some good helmets half price..you just need your size and buy online.