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Gear Protection Ratings And Physical Test Data

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by markwearspants, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. I have been looking around for a good back protector and I have come across the "Dainese Wave". This has "CE2" level protection which is supposedly the highest rating with this actual model used by Rossi. What I want to know is where the actual test data comes from, and how the tests are rating. for this particular model.

    I am basically looking for a "back protection for dummies" where somebody can say "yeah that'll give you an 80km/h slide with a couple of rolls while hitting some shrubs and you'll walk away". but able to prove it.

    This will obviously never happen for legal reasons but maybe something less exaggerated. Also if anybody has had experience with a back protector while coming off. Where you protected? do you believe it helped save your back?

    I'm very keen to have this one on order by the end of the week if I could grab a little more info on it.

  2. not a fan of the dainese wave protectors... though i'm sure they're good.

    my gf has one and it shows through her leather jacket and makes her look like an alien with scoliosis... kind of like sigorney weaver.

    i've got a different dainese one that's smooth but they don't seem to make them anymore... boo to that!

    there used to be a bunch of stuff on dainese's sight about the tech and tests they do...
  3. I currently have a Teknic Chicane 2 leather jacket with the little "whiplash" protector. wouldn't call it a spine protector though. if it protrudes that much it might be really uncomfortable then hey
  4. put

    ride magazine back protector tests

    into google

    and it will link to a pdf from june 2008 that might help

    otherwise search the CE regulaitons
  5. The rating are okay as a guide but real world the review results mean nothing, there are simply far, far too many variables in a real world off.
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  6. I got the forcefield one, was ranked first in the ride mag test above, but thats a few years old now. The fact that it is ce2 rated tells you it will absorb x amount of force, so i would say just get something that is ce2 rated and fits well, covering a lot of your back.

    Note that serious back damage results from rapid twisting of the neck or spine, not direct impact, and no back protector will save you from that.
  7. I put the link in as it talks about the tests. dropping weights on the protectors etc.
  8. thanks guys! good read =]