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gear problems

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by darren margetson, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. hi new to motorbikes and have a problem with the gears.its a kawasaki gpx250,it is going into first and nuetral but will not shift up can anyone help?its a 1988 model any help would be appreciated

  2. Hi Darren - welcome to NR.. this is kinda the wrong forum to ask tech questions.. it's more for you to introduce yourself, let us know a bit about you - like where you ride, what you ride, are you hot, how long have you been riding etc etc..

    You'd be better off asking in Technical and Troubleshooting Torque

  3. Down for first up for the rest when you have started moving :D.

    Welcome mate!
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  4. welcome to NR, the fun part of owning a bike :) as above 'Mr Messy' mentions, one down 5 up :)
  5. Welcome to NR.. could be 1 down and 4 up if its only a 5 speed box..

    Don't sit there in the garage mashing on that gear pedal.. wont do the gear box any good at all.. get the motor running.. shift into first and move a bit (release clutch a bit..) pull clutch again and go up a full movement (past neutral) for second and release a bit again.. a motorbike gear box is not like a cars gear box.. you cant go through all the gears stationary with the clutch in without causing arguments with the internals.. the sequential gear box in a bike is really quite different to the cars.
  6. Your Kawasaki's positive neutral finder won't let you shift into 2nd if you're not moving. It is a 6 speed gearbox on the GPX250R
  7. Welcome etc. Something else you may want to remember when changing gears is to keep the gear pedal in position until you have released the clutch and are sure the gear is fully engaged e.g. keep a light pressure on the pedal until the clutch is fully released. I know many people (myself included) who haven't missed a gear in many years across many rides using this method. It causes no harm whatsoever to the gearbox.
  8. pour a can of petrol over the bike

    light with a match
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  9. I knew about the positive neutral finder (mine has it too) but i can go to second stationary with a second up movement....

    was this system fitted to a 1988 bike though??? (which is why i decided not to talk about it)
  10. i see you also subscribe to the gallon and a match monthly.
  11. i have to

    subscription was cancelled by editor of the deoderant + lighter enthusiast