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Gear position indicator CB400 Honda

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by bradr, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. Hmm , don't know if this the correct section of the forums for this one ? , but anyhow i've just fitted Glpro DS series GPDS-H01{Healtech} gearchange indicator to my 09 CB400 , bought the kit which is very simple to install , i had to fabricate a little aluminium bracket to sit a right angle in between the speedo/tacho , other than that it was just a simple matter of plugging 1 lead into the bikes efi diagnostic connector plug , then ride on a quiet/straight rd in 1st gear for bout 100mtrs at just off idle till gear number 1 stopped flashing on the indicator & showed 2 , repeated same procedure till i had gone through to 6 , i then had a perfect little gear indicator , whole job took about 30mins to complete , took a pic of the completed job .


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  2. Very tempting...
  3. Ingenious!
  4. Only thing I am baulking at right now is the price...
  5. Ah yes ,now i did forget to mention that teeny weeny little bit , if you are safely seated i will tell you , was $170.00 , but see i have this plan , she wants to ride the 400 but says she's not sure of the gears/clutch thing as she has onlt ever ridden her Vespa 250 , so i thought if i fitted the indicator then she could at least see what gear she was in , she is actually a very capable rider & i've told her several times that i think she will master the 400 within 100km;s or so .
  6. Yeah, I knew the price lol. Ah bugger it - might as well get one
  7. Grabbed one and posted in the cb400 thread about it. Pic as follows:

  8. Hmm, was looking at your'e pic's , thinking hey hang on , i don't remember taking those , all of a sudden i notice your'e heated handgrip control panel , had a better look & realised that its not my 400 , its your's Lol , your screen looks like an "F-Series tinted ? , same as mine , gear indicator is in exactly same position as mine , by what clever means did you use to mount it ? , is it a patented piece of scientifically bent aluminium painted black , fixed on with double sided body tape like mine or have gone for something even more upmarket ? , how much drama fitting the heated handgrips ? , they'll be my next project seeing as it'll be winter soon .
  9. Or you could use velcro to mount :p
  10. Youknow the PCI slot filler covers on the back of a PC? As below


    I simply cut the ends off to the right size and bent it into position :p I stole your idea essentially. My L shaped bracket might be a bit small on the bottom, so I might have to redo it at some point. Double sided tape too

    As for the handgrips - I investigated the fiddlyness and drama and simply decided that Pete from E2W would do a far better job and be a far more valuable use of my time :p

    Windscreen was the honda one - got it when I bought the bike.
  11. Very cunning use of a computer bracket , amazing what we can use out of our scrap piles hey .

    As for using velcro to fix it on with , i would actually go fora more structually sound means , like "Blutak" Lol
  12. Tend to agree.... Got some double sided tape which was very sticky and worked well it seems.