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Gear online?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Vero-nica, May 3, 2008.

  1. Just got myself an beautiful Kawasaki Z750! (Just need to brag about that for a while) :p
    Now to my question, where can I find gear such as boots, jackets and pants online? Google just drove me mad so hopefully you huys can help me. Prefer if it is an Australian site but any american (or other) that will ship to Australia is good too.
    Cheers! :grin:

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  3. American sites that will ship:




    I'll (hopefully, if work calls me in) be ordering from newenough later in the week, they worked out the cheapest with gear+shipping for what I wanted. I don't have any actual experience with any site though.
  4. I ordered an Icon Accelerant Jacket from ridersdiscount and prior to ordering emailed them to check size/price/shipping etc...

    They came back with a quote that was approx $40.00 cheaper than the others. I always shop around and was very happy with the communication and quick postage.

  5. +1 for Riders Discount, which I found via a link in this site. I got my A* Web Gortex boots from them a couple of weeks ago, delivered, for $210.00, which is about $140.00 cheaper than the stores I looked at here. Delivery took just over a week and communication was excellent.
  6. Thanks guys! Keep 'em coming! :)

    Can anyone tell me what shoe size to get? Been (once again) looking at different shoe size chart on Google but they all transfer differently.
    So if I'm to order womens boots from the states and are a EUR 40 does anyone know what right size would be in US?
  7. I'm guessing you are size 9 or 10?? The size 40 varies with the different manufacturers, so some will be tight in the toes, others won't be as wide across the ball of your foot, others may fit perfectly everywhere but be too tight in the heel. Find the brand you want, and try them at a local store to give you an idea of fit before you order.

    My gear guy gets me to try on ladies boots when he gets new styles so he has an idea of the fit - I'm a size 10, there aren't too many ladies boots that fit me properly
  8. I ordered a pair of boots from motorcycle-superstore. com and I was a bit apprehensive coz it was my first online purchase outside of oz (they are in the US) and I hadn't heard much about them. But 8 days after I ordered them they arrived on my doorstep. Great price and quick delivery, I would recommend them and I will be ordering more from them soon
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  10. i got my dainese jacket delivered for about $250 cheaper including postage from belgium through


    seriously it took less than 4 days for delivery and their service was so good.

    I just went to a few shops and worked out what size i was and ordered through them. highly recommend them.
  11. kneedraggers.com are good, I have also bought from motoworldonline.com no worries. If you want to buy locally, both bikebiz and mcas sell through their respective websites.
  12. You won't get a better time to buy overseas on-line ATM either :cool:

    Strong dollar sparks online bargain hunt

    17:00 AEST Mon May 19 2008

    The soaring Aussie dollar is pushing down prices of imported
    goods, but it could be up to six months before savings are passed
    onto consumers, retailers say.

    Shoppers willing to venture online, however, are cashing in on the
    immediate benefits of a favourable exchange rate.

    The Australian dollar reached a 24-year high today against the US
    greenback, peaking at 95.71 US cents.

    Retailers have greeted the news with enthusiasm, flagging cheaper
    prices across the board on imported consumer goods such as electronics
    and clothing.

    But Australian Retail Association executive director Richard Evans
    warned the savings may take some time to trickle through to the

    "We see the exchange rate as having benefits for both the consumer
    and the retailer because prices will drop."

    But for manufactured goods it could take three to six months before
    the prices come down, depending on the supply and turnover rates of
    the retailer,"
    Mr Evans said.

    And while the competitive retail market in Australia means most sellers
    will pass any savings onto the consumer, some retailers may choose
    not to reduce their prices as a means of recouping higher petrol costs,
    he said.

    But there are already bargains to be had online, with retailers saying
    they have started to reduce their prices in line with the surging Aussie

    "For the items we import, we'll pass the savings on within 24 hours,"
    00.com.au managing director Ron Remen said.

    The website is selling watches and perfumes for 10 to 15 percent less
    than at the beginning of the year.

    "We have no choice but to keep our prices low. We're competing against
    international retailers and the very nature of the internet means buyers
    can compare prices in an instant,"
    Mr Remen said.

    And even bigger savings can be found by cutting out the middle man
    and going direct to US online sites.

    Research conducted by ninemsn found goods such as sports shoes,
    perfumes and digital cameras can be bought on American retail sites for
    less than half the recommended retail price in Australia.

    A pair of Asics sneakers could be found on the US online sports store
    eastbay.com for US$109 or A$114. The same shoes in Australia retail for

    Similarly, popular perfumes such as Dior Star are bought on US site
    fragrancenet.com for US$44 or A$46, with a $12 delivery fee for
    Australia. The perfume retails here for $90.

    Large discounts can also be found on digital cameras, with some US
    sites offering respected brands such as Nikon at less than half of what
    consumers would pay in Australia.

    With the Australian dollar trading so high against the US dollar, Australian
    consumers do have the opportunity to pay significantly less for certain
    types of items by shopping online, Choice spokeswoman Elise Davidson

    But she said online buyers still needed to take care and factor in more
    than just delivery fees.

    "We would encourage buyers to also think about things like technology
    compatibility issues and the foreign currency conversion fee you'll be
    charged by your bank,"
    Ms Davidson said.

    "Also, warranties and costs of returning the item need to be taken into
    account in the event that the product you buy does not meet your


    News Ninemsc.com
  13. I just ordered some A* SMX Plus, '07 SP-2 gloves, A* Rain jacket, KBC VR2 chrome visor and even some A&* socks all shipped from ridersdiscount for AU$470. The boots alone are $479 here. Local retailers have alot of work to do to stay in business i think!
  14. I have placed an order with roughhousecycle for some stuff and the communication has been good but the goods haven't arrived yet. Will keep u posted.
  15. +1 for ridersdiscount. Just received my Technic waterproof boots. Nice and comfortable.
  16. www.motonekoparts.com

    Just received my A* Vector Jacket for $350 delivered (was $800 plus post here).

  17. I've made about 3 or 4 orders from newenough.com

    Their delivery is pretty quick and I have never been disappointed, they actually write a review on eery product they have which is heaps better than judging from a piccy.. they also give good advice about how each product might be larger or smaller than the average sizes...

    I just keep an eye on their closeouts and they have some pretty cheap stuff...

    Great exchange rate so shopping from the states is the go rather than getting ripped off here..
  18. Sizing ....

    Has anyone posted or researched a conversion chart for the different sizing of A* gear. ie a conversion between US/UK and OZ sizing specs ?