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Gear mods - connecting a* jacket to draggins

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by wernicke, Feb 2, 2007.

  1. hi guys i recently purchased a new a*'s jacket and draggins. My main concern in the event of a spill my back will become exposed due the shortesh length of it as with most leathers. the jacket has a zip feature to connect it to compatible a*s leather pants but i find them rather not practicle. my question is does anyone know where or who i could find to fit a zip to the to the rear of my draggins to connect it up with the jacket?

  2. Have you asked draggins??
  3. You could try sewing the other half of the zip onto your draggins.
  4. just tuck your singlet into your undies. that'll work :LOL:


    sew some velcro strip onto the inside of the jacket. wear a belt with your draggins and loop the strips around belt and viola.
  5. Any bootmaker can sew zips to match your mismatchings, Wheather they WILL is another matter :grin:
    Or you can send it to a leather apparel specialist like me. I am from Shepparton Victoria. Im happy to dropship.
    Send me a private msg If youd like more information.
  6. I've done that. I have a sewing machine, but any clothing alterations place shouldn't have any difficulty doing that.