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Gear lever too long??

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by blue_muppet, Aug 19, 2005.

  1. hey guys and girls,
    I made mention of this topic in anouther thread (thanks hornet600 for your advice) but I thought i'd like to get a few more views on it before I go and get my bike sawed into.

    The topic in question is the gear lever being in a position where I actually have to move my foot quite a way forward so that I comfortably change gears. After i've changed gears, my foot goes back onto the footpeg and the process starts all over again.

    This is pretty uncomfortable and I find because of it, i'll knock my bike into neutral every now and then which is a real pain when i'm accelerating hard. "hornet600" mentioned that I could get someone to cut it back for me but wouldn't they make all different sized gear levers anyway?

    Thanks in advance people :D

  2. Yes there are all different sized gear levers, just head on doen to the accessory dept and have a browse.
  3. I move my foot forward too (on any bike), but I needed to adjust the lever down a bit
    and that completely stopped the missed neutrals etc.
  4. Since Blue_muppet is of the female gender, she may have tiny feet!!! Modifying or replacing the levers would not only make the device easier to ride, but would also make it safer since the controls would be in a more "natural" position. I don't think the problem is up and down adjustment of the gear lever, I think it's too far away from the footrest; replacement or shortening surgery is in order (not your foot, dear lady, the pedal!)
  5. My advice..... Scrap your Jap rubbish and buy a Harley.

    Remember..... I know Stuff.
  6. not to mention harder to shift gears since you'll have less lever effect
  7. Thanks for all your advice fellas but...........ummmmmmmmmmmm :LOL: i'm a guy hornet600! :p I'm not really sure what had you convinced I was a chick.

    Anyway, i'm going to do a big fluid bleed ect on my bike tomorrow so i'll see what I can do about the gear lever.

    blue_muppet (let me guess, its the name right?)

    Its actually a infected mushroom song because i'm a big psy trance fan.
    I guess that solves this thread below....

  8. i've seen infected mushroom a few times over the years - ahhh, the memories (or lackthereof) :LOL:
  9. Sorry for the involuntary sex-change operation, MR blue_muppet!!!!! For some reason I thought when you first came on there was at least an inference that you belonged to the fairer gender. Still, what would I know, I can't remember what I had for dinner last night!?
    Anyway, I hope you find a solution to your gear changing woes, but it does point out that no matter how trick bikes are these days, they still need to be customised to our individual settings, and most make provision for us to do that!
  10. AND, most bikes have a range of adjustments built in to enable you to do that. Brake and gear levers can be adjusted using the knurled nuts on the actuating levers and brake and clutch hand levers can also be adjusted in and out by using the adjusters at the base of the levers.

    As well, you can undo the levers slightly and rotate them on the bars until the levers are in exactly the right position to suit the length of your fingers, then tighten them back up again when they're right.

    Don't ever think that, since the bike is like that, you can't customise it to suit you exactly.

    In my early riding days I remember shortening several gear levers to solve the problem you're having now.
  11. I think I may have fixed the problem.

    Yesterday I did a few matinance things on my bike like oil change, bleeding the brakes ect and while I was at I thought i'd screw around with the gear lever.

    It was pretty easier to adjust, I just undid a few nuts and twisted the shaft around with a pair of multigrips. I made it a lot lower because something that I failed to mention before hand is that i've had a ankle reconstruction (after to much silly stuff on skateboards and snowboards) and as a result my left ankel has a pretty limited range of movement. Its really really stiff!

    I reckon it could go a bit lower but at the moment i'm content with it because gear changes are 100% easier now.

    Thanks for the help guys.

    blue_muppet (who is by the way male :LOL: )