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Gear lever doesn't return

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by lillilster, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. I opened the crankcase of my Honda CB250 a couple of days ago and didn't do very much except a bit of cleaning, an oil change and patching a leak (that I caused by breaking the gasket). Afterwords it seemed that every time I shifted gears the the gear level gets stiff and doesn't flick back into the middle position. I opened the crank case, adjusted the return spring and it started working again. But right after I refilled the bike with oil the gear lever stoped returning again. I've now taken off the gear lever return spring and put it back on and the lever now flicks back when I change gears again. I'll fill the bike up with oil again and do a test ride tonight when I get a new gasket, but can anyone shed light on why my gear lever is being so fickle.

    At the times when the the gear lever wasn't returning the clutch lever wasn't disengaging the gears properly.

  2. Psst side cover. Me thinks you wouldn't be splitting the casing.
    Check that the return spring is hooked in. So it does not come loose. Maybe get a new spring if the ends are bent. You can bend them back but it will make it weaker.
  3. I was leaning towards a flakey detent spring but i'm also thinking something maybe slightly over tightened...?

    -posting on phone; spelling likely fukd
  4. Sounds like the shaft is binding in the case. Could be bacause the case isn't quite lined up correctly (check locating dowels), the shaft is slightly bent or overtightening of the cover screws might slightly distort the side cover.
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  5. Thanks Mole, I have a strong feeling this is it since the problem seems to mostly be fixed simply by taking the crankcase off. Also, since i've broken the gasket i've been using a liquid silicon gasket to seal the case which means I might not be getting it on properly. What is shaft binding?

    The first time I opened the crank case cover it was extremely difficult to open the cover. It took a fair bit of tapping with a mallet and jiggling to get it open (and broke the gasket). Maybe that's evidence that the locating pins were seized or rusted on. What do I need to inspect them for?

    Appreciate the help bro.
  6. For the record, clutch side cover must have been interfering with the spring. Gasket slightly thicker than sealant, must have very little clearance between the spring and the case.
  7. Silicon sealant is not recommended, for anything. You can use it and it can work, but there can be issues. The common one is that people use too much, and drops break off and make their way through the oil system until they can block something, causing a loss of oil pressure and flow. This can cause seized main and big end bearings, excessive wear... all sorts of bad things. If you must use it, do so sparingly.

    It's possible the case may have been sitting closer because of the lack of a gasket, but it's also possible the selector shaft wasn't quite properly lined up with its hole, so there was bending / binding tension on it all the time. When you took it off and put it back on, you got it straight the second time.

    Pays to put them on with all the bolts in finger tight, then give then the case a little wriggle, then add a little tension to each bolt, wriggle again, check the action of the gear change, then tighten them all up in two or three steps. What I think happened, was you put it on, then did one bolt up to full tension, which pulled the case crooked, then started putting the others in, which held the case in its crooked mis-aligned position.
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  8. You might be right about that. We went finger tight, one at a time, then left it overnight (so that the wet sealant wouldn't be squeezed to the inside of the case by tightening), then fully torqued one at a time. Didn't realise we had to be more meticulous than that.

    It's also a lot easier to be crooked with gasket sealant than a gasket. Trouble was it was pretty hard to find a gasket. Not cheap either considering what you're getting, $30 for a bit of stamp-cut paper.
  9. You could always buy a sheet of appropriate thickness gasket paper and cut it out yourself. It is possible that the lack of a gasket is causing the problem by reducing the clearance.
    +1 to kneedragon's comments, I bought a Ducati 250 years ago that had had all the cam gear ruined by sealant blocking the oilway to the head.
  10. We bought the gasket once we found it (only bought sealant because we thought we couldn't find a gasket). Cutting out gasket paper sounds like it's hazardous to your blood pressure.