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Gear Lever Adjustment On My Ninja 250R - BIG FEET NOT HELPING!!!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by wonderboy4, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. Hey All,

    Here's my current issue, I have big feet (size 13) and when I'm wearing my riding boots (which is never because of this problem) I have alot of trouble getting mt left foot under the gear lever to change gears upwards. I think also it's not helped by the fact that the peg and lever setup has your foot very horizontal on this bike and so your foor isn't angled down to start with like on alot of other sport bikes thus making it easier to slip your toes under the lever (If you know what I mean).

    I have 2 thoughts on this, either adjust the lever so it sits higher or get a longer one. If I adjust it then I'm hoping it will make enough of a difference but still not sit too high and become awkward in the other direction. Also I'm wondering if anyone has this bike or a similar setup and can advise me on how to do it. I think I have sussed out the 2 differnt place were it needs to be done but I'd love to get some feedback before I go doing something stupid.

    If I can either purchase or get a dude to cut and re-weld (would this be safe/strong enough) then I think that will be the best option because then it wouls still sit at the same height (which is just about right I think) and still get me the result I'm after.

    So what do you guys think? any ideas or other folks out there with big feet that have had this issue before.
  2. i don't know if these are available or not for your make and model but try a search on
    MFW Vario Footpeg
    MFW Bike-Specific Replacement Footpeg Kits

    it's one possible option perhaps
  3. Try adjusting it first. Don't worry, you can't do anything stupid, it's pretty low tech. Even I managed to do it ...

    Here's a guide to changing the front sprocket, the first four pictures concern the shift lever. This guide was made for the GPX250, but I doubt Kawasaki went to the trouble of changing the lever for the Ninja 250R ...


    In the pic below, the red arrow points to a bolt you have to undo, then you can take that shiny silver metal part off the black spline, rotate the part clockwise a little, then put it back on the black spline, and then put the bolt back in.


    Ride around, see if you're happy, if not, try again. Good luck!
  4. Doesn't Uncle Hornet's Pedal Seminar in the stickies cover this?
  5. like captain slow shows... its very easy to do!
  6. Thanks for the feedback so far guys, I will attempt an adjustment on the weekend (Thanks for the pic too!).

    Not sure what you guys mean by wanting to lower it because I'm having trouble getting my foot under the lever so lowering it would make it worse.

    Those MFW Vario Footpegs look good but I can't find one for my bike.

    Thanks again, I'll keep you all posted.
  7. A new lever is $40 http://www.wet4uracing.com.au/produ...d=573&osCsid=4e71d547e30f0c1a3b4aabc2c6f88eaa

    Get that, or a second hand one, and get your local engineering shop to extend it by an inch or whatever you need.

    To adjust the lever position you crack the lock nuts on either end of the linkage rod and spin the rod one way or the other, the lever will go upp or down, when the position is right tighten up the locknuts again. See Uncle Hornet.... https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=91449