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Gear Indicators?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mik84, Nov 4, 2005.

  1. After noticing someone on here selling a digital gear indicator it reminded me to ask a question ive been wondering for ages... Now im not trying to ruin the guys sale or anything, im genuinely curious....

    Why the fcuk would you possibly need a gear indicator???

    Firstly surely you can remember which gear youve selected, and failing that if youve been on the bike for more than an hour youd think youd have an idea of your gear ratios?

    I apologise if im missing something painfully obvious but i just dont get it :? ...

  2. Maybe i should buy it.
    Although i guess it would be kinda pointless on a scooter...20km/hr - gear 1, 100km/hr - gear 1. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  3. You must be missing something. Might depend on the bike. I can hardly hear my engine with ear plugs in at 100km/h, and I still occasionally go for 7th gear. :p
  4. just because.
    another light or button on your dash always makes your bike cooler. :wink:
  5. but unless your bike doesnt have a tacho... surely its just as quick to quickly look down at the tacho and speedo and assimilate which gear you must be in? Eh i dunno
  6. So why do most modern bikes have a gear position indicator from the factory???? D'uh!!!

  7. Ummmm i dunno, thats why im askings :p
  8. Yes, it could be useful on an older Monster. Especially, if you take it out on the track where at higher speeds the sound of air rushing passed your ears tends to over-ride the sound of the engine. They came without a tacho, being highly minimalist. But, in the end people wanted the tacho and so the more recent models have it as standard.

    I've gotten used to it and just go on the vibration coming up from the engine in combination with a reduction in the power that occurrs after a certain point in the rev range. :D
  9. I was nearly gonna say that it would make sense in that scenario but then i thought wouldnt it be better to just add a tacho?

    Maybe ive just owned too many cars that didnt have working speedos so guaging stuff off the tacho just comes naturally...
  10. May be one day I'll buy a tacho. :D
  11. I've thought about them occasionally, having tried for the elusive 7th gear on the Sprint. The top 4 gears are separated by about 500 rpm, so a gear indicator would eliminate that quick mental arithmetic when there's traffic around. But then again, spending cash to buy one is something entirely different........
  12. Six speeds, close ratio gear box, wind noise, need to keep your eyes on the road, etc
  13. Yeah ok, thanks for the replies :) . Dont think ill ever be buying one but i get what your saying...
  14. I've had the Hornet since March, and I've been driving since '68 and riding since '74 and I still find myself every now and then lifting the pedal for the next gear when I'm already in top. If the bike had one, I know i'd find it useful.......
  15. I concur with Paul. My bike is that bloody quiet I sometimes wonder if I might have ran out of petrol when the tank is low, at speed, wind rushing past your earholes etc i'm looking for the 7th gear I don't have too.
  16. Paul, do you think you'd actually look down before trying for 7th though? My gut says you'd instinctively go for 7th, not find it, then look down at your gear indicator and go "ahh, I'm already in top" which you knew at that point anyway because it wouldn't go up anymore :)

  17. You're probably right. I would have thought that I would have been attuned to the sound in each of the gears by now, though.....
    Maybe it's got something to do with the advancing years, why I remember in my day, sonny, zzzzzzz
  18. hornet600 wrote
    I am impressed . You can remember that far back :shock: :wink: .
  19. Until you've ridden a bike with a gear indicator you dont know how useful they can be :wink: