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Gear indicator

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Spreads, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. I'm looking for a Digital Gear Position Indicator. I believe there's an Australian made one on the market but can't find the website. Can someone point me in the right direction?
    Or . . a recommendation. Which is the best available?

  2. A mate of mine rigged a stack of low light LEDs in his helmet that light up as he shifts. Pretty sure rigged it himself and I think there is basically no circuitry.

    It was for a Honda but I'll ask him how he did it.
  3. Having trouble counting to six?
  4. Gah! Heard back from my mate. It does have circuitry, rather a lot of it in fact. He's just hidden it really well. :(
  5. as an alternative take a look at http://www.oroadsports.com/viewtopic.php?t=5863 - locally made and produced and by all reports seem to do the trick. the only reason i haven't gotten one yet is because i need to get around to buying the bikini faring for the front of the VTR (recommended though not essential i'm told).
  6. I appreciate the need for this, and it's not just that I can't count to six...

    The vfr is so flexible an engine that I have caught myself quite a few times riding along the highway in 5th, thinking I'm in 6th.

    A digital gear indicator like the old Suzukis used to have would be a great idea. Thanks for reminding me...
  7. If you really feel the need for it - why not go the heads up display option... Box in the boot, wireless connection to the helmet..

    Over the top I know.. but hey its an option :LOL:


  8. Well I guess a HUD would be over the top, wouldn't it???
  9. I've been thinking at getting one too (please note this is for a gear position indicator, as opposed to a gear shift indicator. Some people in this thread are speaking about different things - gear position is a little thing that says "1", "2" etc. A shift indicator is like a tacho and is to do with revs), however for a whopping ~$200 I'd rather shift all the way to the top, then tap back down to be sure I'm in the gear I think I'm in.
  10. 200 buckazoids????

    Sheesh, maybe I CAN live without one.
  11. Sorry - slight exaggeration. Is priced at $145 on that bike gizmo's site.
  12. Must admit, that because my rear sprocket is too big, I often go for "6th" when I'm on the freeway.

    But at any more then a few dollars, it's a bit of a gadjet. Heaps of other things to spend that sort of money on.
  13. Hmm my wife is complaining that she cant find/remember in which gear she is in... So I have been riding pilion (yes while she is LEARNING to ride) and shouting to her instructions!! "DOW you are in THIRD!"

    Slight disclamour: My wife has full licence and has been riding bikes for the past 5 years... they all were CT110 and their gears are set up N-1-2-3-4