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Gear Indicator

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Sparky55, Feb 15, 2011.

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  2. I've never fitted one but my current bike came with one - TBH I don't use it and have never really understood what they were for but can probably see in your situation why you would want one.

    Can I ask have you had the bike for long? It may just be a question of getting use to what revs/speed/gear is normal and even if you can't recall you are in top gear you can judge from there. Don't let me talk you out of getting one if it helps you, but this may save you a few bucks and time.
  3. They seem to come in a few flavours:

    1) plus into the diag port, directly queries the computer for current gear

    2) Learns speed vs RPM. Requires either both an electronic speedo and electronic tachometer, or an electronic tachometer and a hall effect pickup that reads a magnet stuck to the front brake disc (if you have a cable speedo).

    1 is easy to install, 2 would require some stuffing around.
  4. I came across this one a while ago when I was browsing for mods on my bike (GS500), it pretty much teaches you how to make one from scratch but if you just want the installation bit you could get an idea of this guy did it.

    Theres a couple here which you might be able to find a PDF in relation to the product & installation guide.

    I don't know too much about bikes or wiring one of these up so not sure if it's too helpful.
  5. Installed one on my wifes ER-6F and it works really well. Very easy to install as it simply plugs into the computer and reads the gear sensor from there. Wasn't all that expensive and looks quite nice mounted up in the dash area.
  6. The GS500 uses the same gearbox as the early '80s GS450, which had a gear indicator. The above mod uses the GS450 gear indicator switch, the rest is the display. It will only work on the GS series.
  7. Sweetie, with the torque on that bike you could load up and pull from a standstill in 3rd or 4th...........

    Sugarplum find first 1st and then count 2,3,4..........
  8. +1
    I had a GSX1400 and experienced the opposite of what you, Sparky55, are suffering, I used to get as far as third and forget there were still more cogs to come and as the Bandit (all assuming we're talking about a 1200/1250 model) isnt that dis-similar to the '14 I'd suggest you're short shifting far too early (or embarking on a serious kitten eradication program :D )
  9. My bikes are too old but must admit it would be handy. If I jump on the Yamaha after riding the BMW for a while I find myself trying to change gear at 3000 revs. If I jump on the BMW after riding the Yamaha for a while I tend to find myself riding the freeway all day in 3rd gear. :LOL:
  10. Which one of the rats in your picture are you
  11. [​IMG]

    This one? :LOL: