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Gear Indicator with the magnets...do they work or no?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by monkeyboy666, Dec 4, 2013.

  1. I was thinking of getting a gear indicator but I'm struggling to justify the expense. it would be handy to know what gear I'm in though to avoid searching for that mythical 7th gear :p

    Anyway, my question is has anyone got any experience with those ones that have magnets that detect gear changes, do they actually work well enough to be useful or re they complete crap?

    I don't need a top end unit and was investigating cheaper options...but only if they actually do what they claim. I realize an electronic unit will be better, but if the magnet ones do their job I may get one of those.

    So does anyone have any experience with them and what were your thoughts?

    Cheers :)

    Something like this:

  2. If you're a new rider then I'd suggest this is something you will just "know" as you gain experience and knowledge of your bike. I just feel the revs at the speed and know which gear I'm in or a quick glance at the tacho at speed if I'm unsure will tell me. ie. 5,000rpm at 100 = 5th gear
  3. I have used one that attaches to the speedo witch worked well but a bit of a biatch to set up.
    My only thought on the magnet setup is what if you miss a gear? Would the unit detect it as a up or down shift?
  4. I must be a slow learner,25 years with a 5 speed bike and I always end up look for 6th
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  5. +1
  6. My lever is cleverly designed to stop at each end of the gearbox, what more do you need?
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  7. haha one of the things I've most wanted to do with the GN since I started doing it up was get rid of the gear indicator because it's so ugly. Installed a new minimalist bank of warning lights without gear indicators in it's place today, but i did wire one light up to top gear so I have a reminder not to look for the mythical 6th (there was a spare light as my bike doesn't have an oil warning sensor).

    Seriously though seem an awful lot of work for something pretty unnecessary, the only gear I really see any real use for an indicator on is top.
  8. If your bike has a GPS that tells the ECU what gear you are in to adjust fuel maps you might be able to get a plug and play gear indicator.

    From what I have heard about the the gear indicators that use magnets and/or micro-switches they can get confused and need resetting.
  9. I'm fitting the expensive type as I like to know which gear I am in as I'm riding. Especially in the twities when it's easy to get lost somewhere in the middle of the gearbox. The bike is quiet with lots of torque and lots of power. I had a 1987 Suzuki GF 250, and it had a gear indicatior as standard, don't know why all bikes don't have them as standard.
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  10. Fair enough on something quiet, but with the amount of noise a lot of bikes make (mine included) it's easy enough to go by the sound.

  11. I agree with you there man, maybe 1st would be handy too...but all the others don't really matter that much. But i like to know when I'm in top gear and trying to shift up to a gear that isn't there makes me feel like a complete doofus.
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  12. I've had 6 speeds, on the Bandit, for the first time ever, for 6 months now. Quiet(ish) bike. It came with a gear indicator. I think it's keeping me from getting my head around the extra gear. I find myself looking, not counting. I'd rather count. Odd. There is never any wondering with the SRX. But then it won't do the speed limit a gear or two short without noticing.

    I'm considering taking it off. I think it's an impairment in the long run, but I thought it was real useful when I first got the bike.

    I'm not for putting a high value on gear indicators.
  13. Its not a huge deal to me.On expressways I always end up hitting the stop after 5th
    and I then know its in top.I would expect at a track it would be a good idea to count what gear you are in,good to do the max and exactly the same every lap at a particular corner.My bike is toquey enough to lug a higher gear or spin it harder,doesn't matter on the street and I don't bother counting or remembering what gear I am in at any particular time or corner.If it was an easy add on maybe.Its far from easy on my old Italian thing so not happening.
  14. Fitted the GI Pro and it works well. Only thing is that if you go down more that one gear at a time and don't let the clutch out, it doesn't indicate the gear you are in until you release the clutch and it calculates the revs. Takes a couple of seconds but is easy to get used to. I find that it's works well when I'm out having fun in the twisties.
  15. I'm in a permanent state of confusion, riding 4 different bikes with 4 different gearing and motor characteristics. I just keep shifting up until they don't shift anymore :]