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Gear Indicator (maybe?)

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by kwaka J, Aug 27, 2006.

  1. Hi there all,
    just wondering if there is a guage I can put on my ZX10R that tells me what gear I am in? Does anyone else have this problem of not knowing what gear they are in. Technically I don't need to know because all my gear shifting is done on sound of the engine and feel, but sometimes I just like to know what gear I am in. I am sure I have seen a little guage like the size of a wrist watch, that shows a digital number of the gear the bike is in.

    If it exists what is it called and where do I get it?

  2. http://www.motoevo.com.au/inCMS_ME_public/Modules/Public/Content.aspx?ID=12&pr_id=45

    Engaged gear & Shift Light display

    Knowing which gear you are in on a sports bike can be quite difficult. Mounting a Starlane gear indicator will let you know at a glance. Also built into this little display is a shift ligt that can be programmed to your prefered RPM. The shift light is an Ultra-bright Blue which can't be missed. For night riding there is a light sensor built into the face for auto dimming.

    * Easy to read gear display

    * Programable Ultra-bright shift light

    * Auto dimming

    * Can be installed on all bikes with electronic RPM & Speed
    * Easy to install, comes with wiring diagrams

    All prices include GST and
    are in Australian dollars
  3. Thanks for the reply's, I think the bike actually comes with a factory shift light, although I have never used it, or set it up.
  4. Still it won't tell you what gear you are in.