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Gear Indicator Fitted

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by Pjcliffo, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. Bought this on eBay for $25 and amazed at how well it works once fitted and adjusted. Not too hard to do just a bit fiddly but neat and useful.


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  2. This pic shows the small rectangular magnet on the gear selection shaft and the 2 black rectangular sensors on either side.

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  3. .....you don't just naturally know what gear your in?


    still...good work - not for me but still handy for aftermarket setup
  4. Sometimes no, I have only been riding one year. Have you ever clicked up for top gear and you already have it? I once changed down for second for a left turn, got first and had a slight lock up. I find it useful.
  5. They are useful for beginners for the reasons the OP has pointed out. But as 87crisis has alluded to don't rely on them forever, listen to your engine and learn what gear you are in.
  6. I've done both of these, but I'm not sure a gear indicator is what I need. More experience and familiarity with my bike just seems to be the better way to go.
  7. Cool placement. I helped instal one of these on a mates bike, and I remember vividly him wanting to calibrate the gears with the bike still on the race stand. Idling in 5th and 6th gear was rather disconcerting.

    I usually memorise what gear gives what revs at a few key speeds and you can figure it out pretty quick once you get some experience with the bike.