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Gear in Brisbane

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Bravus, Oct 15, 2006.

  1. Hi All

    I need a good summer jacket, and am wondering where people would recommend going in Brisbane. I'm a solid guy with broad shoulders and generally wear XL in clothes, and I'll be looking for a good light but protective jacket in the $200-300 range, either leather or mesh. Which bike shops have a good range of stuff in stock?
  2. Why not wait till the expo, 3-6 of November.

    Should be able to find some bargains there
  3. Good thinking, 99! Thanks, will do.
  4. ...but it would still be handy to know from some of the locals the best place to go for gear... I'm beginning to realise it's a lifetime quest!
  5. I've got the same question... Anyone bought a new one recently? Perferated leather? Mesh? I've gotta an rjays textile one that I just cook in every damn summer (and am sick of it)... anyone had an off in one of those mesh dririder jackets?
  6. I went to the last bike expo and there was nothin for sale hardly. Everyone was showing off their goods but not selling! Only a couple of crappy stalls were flogging off their stock they couldnt get rid of.
  7. Expo? I thought we had ours at the end of september - is there another one going around?

    Certainly at the last one there was very little in the way of gear for sale.
  8. i send everyone who asks to Springwood Suzuki for gear. i've found they have the best range of gear and very good service.

    1 day i'll start asking them for discount for all the service i send their way :? :p
  9. Nothstar Yahaha near Toombul Shopping center has a pretty good range too. I went there looking for the same kind of stuff recently.

    They have Dririder climate control - HIGHLY recommended :) Dririder Drimesh pants. Also Rjays Octane, some Ixon year round convertable stuff, and Teknic. They had a good range of sizes last time I was there (a couple of weeks ago) I'm a big lad too - 2xl to 3xl
  10. Thanks fellas... I'll have to have a shop around at those places... bring on winter!!!!...do they make a big difference? atm I have to pretty much change into another set of clothes when I get to work... sweatin like a pig.
  11. Mrs Tree and I each bought some new gloves from Springwood Suzuki on Saturday. We got a 10% discount on the gloves just by asking the salesguy for one! :grin: (BTW, Bumblebeeman - aka Peter - works there Saturdays. "Hi, Pete!")

    We spent $1200 at Team Moto Yamaha, Moorooka, a couple of months ago. Got the best customer service I've ever had, from a South African guy - he might have been the manager. Anyway, he spent ages with us on a Saturday and we wound up buying a new jacket and pants for Mrs Tree and a pair of boots each. He gave us some great discounts! :grin:
  12. The choices in Brisbane are really limited! There are a heap of bike shops along Moss St I think in Underwood/Springwood, but they all seem to stock the same gear (mainly R-Jay & Joe Rocket). I prefer my protective gear not made in Pakistan! I'm about to order a Dainese (perforated) jacket from overseas, but want to try one on locally to check my size. Best I can tell, there is no-where in or around Brisbane that sell Dainese! Anyone got any thoughts?
  13. cookee - yeah i've had always good service from teammoto moorooka. although i've never bought anything from them :p they've always been very good with info on bikes and gear.

    tamarasue - i know springwood suzuki do have some dianese but not much. might be worth a check out if you haven't already?? or check out northstar like v4bloke suggested. another option is to go to dianese website and search for stockists :)
  14. I recommend the dririder climate control for both hot weather and wet weather riding. Up here in Cairns we get a fair amount of both so the removable wet weather liner is great. Just make sure it fits snuggly as i'm a little unsure how mine would go in a stack only because I feel it is a little too big for me (Its a large and i'm fairly broad and around 90kg). If I had a meduim then I would probably feel a little more snug and protected.
  15. I've mainly gone though teammoto for most of my gear and whilst they don't have the biggest range, they are usually the most competitive price wise.
  16. Go to HI-SIDE leather repairs good prices and service (a lot better than any dealer).
  17. I got all my gear from Springwood Suzuki - they had to order most of it from Melbourne as they didn't have the stock, but they had it sent express because I wanted it before doing the Q-Ride course.

    tamarasue - Springwood had a couple of Dainese jackets there. I ended up buying the Kirishma jacket.
  18. forgot about hi side. a mate got his leathers from there and got them to sew in his back protector for him. he raves about them
  19. I went to all the shops to get a helmet. Then I went to Springwood Suzuki and they had the biggest range and I got a nice discount on my XR1000 - just over $600
  20. Nearly had me confused too.....post is a year old!