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Gear - How much should it cost?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Wannabe_rider, May 27, 2007.

  1. Hey everyone!

    How much should gear cost? Looking to eventually buy all the neccessities, helmet, gloves, jacket, pants, boots. Do you guys/girls *always* get geared up everytime you get on the bike? What if you were to go to a small gathering at a friends place? In that case would you just wear your helmet, jacket and gloves?


  2. If you don't think it's worth protecting then by all means, skimp on gears, it won't be any skin off my ass. I always wear my gear, it can be a bit of a drag sometimes, especially for shorter trips, but being in hospital for a few months would be much worse

    Expect to pay anywhere from around $1000 or more for decent gear.
  3. The law says you must wear a helmet. Experience says you should wear as much protection as you can. always.

    Your helmet must be a good fit first. Price/brand is secondry. If funds are tight a cheap armored jacket is better than nothing as are boots and gloves and trousers. Expensive stuff is usually better but a t-shirt will only soak up the blood if it stays on.

    And insurance is the other thing you should have.
  4. I learnt the hard way (fallin off unprotected), now I always, always wear my gear. This includes draggin jeans, leather jacket, boots, gloves and helmet.

    Don't make the same mistake i did and gear up everytime you ride your bike, even if it's goin down to get the milk and bread.

    As far as costs go...it depends how much you have to spend. I was on a budget so I'll give you an idea of what I paid.

    (all brand new)

    Helmet - $250
    Leather Gloves - $70
    Draggin Jeans - $199
    Riding Boots - $149
    Leather Jacket - $399

    P.S - You can never spend too much on protection if it means saving your life. (why spend thousands on a bike and not buy any good gear?)
  5. Yep thats what I do when going to work, although it is less than 10kms.
  6. It's not that I'm saying it's not worth protecting, it's just that I was thinking yesterday, if I were to go to a mates get together that was maybe 15 minutes away on pretty quiet backroads, would it really be worth getting all geared up? I'd have the *bare* neccessities such as helmet, jacket, gloves and boots for sure though. Do pants really help? Like Dririders? Or do they mainly help with keeping out the wet/cold? Or Draggins..

    Oh, and how many pairs of pants does a rider usually have? I'm guessing most people would only have one pair of gloves, a set of boots, one helmet and one jacket. But would people usually have 2-3 pairs of pants?
  7. No. Doesn't mean it's suggested and/or recommended. Just do it. I had 1 cut from stacking while geared and 1 cut while squidding. Doesn't mean everyone gets off injury free dude. Wear it.
  8. I have currently two pairs of pants (and i need to get a third soon...)

    One pair draggins that have already seen the tarmac once, at 70km/h and are still in perfect condition for protecting my backside again. Had I been wearing normal jeans, I have no doubt I would have needed skin grafts (and I would have ruined a perfectly good pair of jeans). The thicker denim of the draggins was enough in this case, but the kevlar is even better :)

    The other pair is a pair of RJays that I use in wet weather, keeps me pretty dry, and has a removable warmth lining too. Might have to put that one back in soon...

    The amount of gear I have is reflective of how much riding I do, which is every single day for at least 100km a day, if not more. You might decide you only want to ride when the sun is shining and the road is dry, in which case you'll only need the one pair of pants. You might start riding in the rain later and pick up a waterproof pair then.

    The gear you buy should reflect the conditions you ride in, and your comfort. Even if it's a short trip, I'll still wear as much gear as I feel is required, which means everything gets some bit of protection. Boots, jeans, jacket, gloves and helmet; no ifs no buts.

    I don't feel comfortable knowing that I haven't given myself the best chance to get up and walk away from an accident, and an accident can happen just as easily 5 minutes from your home as it can 5 hours from your home. I would go as far as to say its even more likely (even though I don't have anything to back me up but my reasoning) as you're more likely to be complacent and not pay enough attention to the conditions and traffic on a trip you've done 100 times before.
  9. I bought all my gear in one go which ended up getting me a discount of around $140.

    Dririder Tourer Boots $190
    Kevlar Jeans $190
    Leather Gloves $70
    Dririder Aspen Jacket $190
    Shark RSX Helmet $400

    I wear all my gear all the time, I simply can't see any upside to leaving any of it off. The boots are comfortable enough to wear for a few hours once you reach your destination, the Teknik jeans are as comfortable as any others that I own so the jacket is the only real imposition. That said, there's no way I'd ride without the armoured jacket, if things go wrong I want every bit of protection that I can get.
  10. Are kevlar pants good? I can see how body armour jacket/pants would go with keeping ur skin from being ripped off, but how is it on the impact of a fall? It'd still hurt a fair bit yeah? What if you were to land on your hip if you were to come off your bike?
  11. Yea, no real impact protection from the kevlar, it more against abrasion then that. You can get inserts in the knees if you want though, don't know of any pants at all that have impact protection for hips... Personally I think the impact protection will only have a limited effect anyway, the distance you fall is from your sitting position on the bike to the ground, and then anything you hit into while sliding along is generally going to cause a lot more damage then what the impact protection stuff covers
  12. I get dressed up everytime. If I'm in a hurry I might go in jeans and runners but it is only a 5 minute ride down the street and I live in a quiet country town. I always wear my jacket and gloves.

    This is what I have spent so far

    Helmet - $370
    Tinted visor - $59
    2 sets of gloves - $240
    Textile jacket - $265
    Textile pants - $179
    Boots - $435
    Leather jacket - $530
    Leather pants - $380
    Back protectors - $320

    With other little things over $2800 worth. Now I think of it this is the first time I have added it all up and I hadn't realized how much I have spent. Its nearly as much as I paid for the bike. But its all there to protect me so I hope its money well spent and now I have spent it I won't be needing any new gear for a long time.
  13. To those of you who have spent +1k on gear, and maybe 4.5k on a new bike, do you realise that you could have got a decent car for that money? And would you have decided on buying the car if you would have ended up spending as much money on a bike + gear? I wanna get a bike, but then I need to get the gear. And I realise I could get a decent car with the money that I'd spend on both.
  14. pfft, sif buy a car. A car is no fun, let alone a car you buy for $5500

    I paid $8000 or so for the bike, as for gear it was as follows:

    Helmet: $300
    Jacket: $300
    RJays Pants: $220
    Draggins: $220
    Summer Gloves: $90
    Winter Gloves: $90
    Boots: $200

    = $1420

    Add into that I've gone through 2 clear visors ($50), 2 iridium visors($80), and 2 tinted visors ($70)

    = $1820

    And then the rack, bags and tank bag...

    $$$$$$ (you get the point...)

    Riding is not cheaper then driving a car, but it's a hell of a lot more fun

    (I still have more gear I want to buy too... plus I want to buy my GF the same amount of gear so she can come on rides with me)
  15. To tell you the truth I am a university student with a part time job. I never intended to spend so much on gear, just one thing led to another and I spent all this money over several months. I have a really crap car but it does the job, I bought it for $850.

    You can get a nice second hand 250cc bike for around $3500, but you can get a nice second hand car for around the same price. You can probably get a decent bike and gear for around $4000.

    I don't ride to commute places I just ride for fun.
  16. gear

    i would go for around the 600-700mark all up on averidge gear.
  17. Yeah. Hmm you see, I'd ride to *maybe* commute to Uni, which is in Bundoora, I live in Mulgrave. But then I'd like to use the bike to ride to places like Chadstone or a mates house.

    I guess I assumed riding a bike would be cheaper than driving a car.
  18. Cheaper on petrol (depending on how heavy handed you are with the throttle), everything else is more expensive... Most people only look at the petrol cost as that's what they see the most but when you add in the cost of gear, servicing etc etc you'd be lucky to break even with a small car.
  19. What else is there to pay for when you ride a bike? Petrol, servicing.. How many times would you service a bike in a year?
  20. Depends on how much you ride it, where you ride it and how hard.

    Clean and lube chain every 1000km min
    Minor services every 6000km and major every 12000km

    Sprockets and chain will eventually need changing, but the distance you get out of them will depend on your riding style (I got a bit under 24,000km out of mine)

    Tyres cost more then cars typically, and last less time, I paid $250 for a rear tyre, that lasted me 19,500km, but more typically you'll get 10,000km out of a rear... $250 for a rear is fairly cheap as far as motorcycle tyres go...

    Plus there is the compulsion to spend money on more gear and mods for the bike ;)