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Gear, gear and gear

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by bjornzzz, Dec 27, 2010.

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  1. 1st item:
    Icon TIMAX 2 textile

    This jacket is BRAND NEW.. Have not seen a single ray of sunlight in it's entire life, has just been sitting in my cupboard since i bought it 2 months ago.. Read up its reviews about it, it's looks like an awesome piece of jacket, and i still have everything including the tags and the hangar it comes with.. Reason i bought it was to have a summer jacket and a winter jacket, but my plans have since been altered.

    Sizing is SMALL, and to give you a rough estimation if it will fit, i'm about 5'7", 74KGs, chest size of 38-40", and this jacket fits wonderfully..

    Price: $150

    2nd item:
    Scorpion ALL-IN NAKED leather jacket

    All i can say about this jacket is, it looks stunning and feels solid. Again look up reviews on this jacket, and you will not be dissapointed. This is the naked version, which means it doesn't have patches on the chest area..

    This item is also brand new, and its life story exactly like the icon jacket.

    Sizing is also a small, and as the icon jacket, it fits great!

    Price: $175 Sold

    3rd item:
    Icon Arc Mesh Size 32

    As the above two jackets, this pants is also brand new and still has tags on it..

    Sizing wise, if you would normally wear a size 32 pair of jeans, then this pants will fit on top of your jeans/work pants. If you are planning on wearing just the pants by itself, you have to buy a size down, so this would fit a size 34 jeans person who's planning on wearing this by itself.. If you're a size 32, and are planning on wearing this by itself, it's doable but it'll be abit baggy..

    Price: $80 Sold

    4th Item:
    AGV K-4 Size Medium

    Brand new helmet comes with box, have not worn this out and has only seen light in my bathroom where I was putting it on for fun. :(

    Price: $250 Sold

    5th Item:
    Alpinestars F1 Sport Shoes (Black) – 8 US

    Almost brand new, i've worn it out once as a black shoe out of desperation, but item is in excellent condition.

    Price: $50 Sold

    6th Item:
    Alpinestars SP-1 Motorcycling Gloves - Small

    Again, brand new and comes with stickers and such. This is the black and white version. Awesome fit, and needs no explanation

    Price: $80 Sold

    Reason for sale is quite simple, my dream of owning a bike is diminishing, parents, girlfriend and everything else combined. :( Oh wells, so here I am trying to offload these items in order to recoup some funds and to pay off some hefty credit card debt..

    Pics can be uploaded upon request
  2. bjornzzz,
    Good luck with all your items for sale ! Quite a bit of gear there..

    Helpful hint ?
    Rather than mentioning it, you'd be surprised at how much more interest you'd self-generate with pics of each item. Food for thought dude.

    Good luck.
  3. umm... what area you in?
  4. Yea, I reckon I'll take some pictures of them tomorrow and post them up here.

    I'm in 3152 Victoria.
  5. One more jacket to go.. :) and a price drop
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Not open for further replies.