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Gear, gear and gear

Discussion in 'Archived' started by bjornzzz, Apr 12, 2010.

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  1. Hey all, I have a couple of items which i'm looking to offload before i leave for my holidays..

    1st item:
    Icon TIMAX 2 textile

    This jacket is BRAND NEW.. Have not seen a single ray of sunlight in it's entire life, has just been sitting in my cupboard since i bought it 2 months ago.. Read up its reviews about it, it's looks like an awesome piece of jacket, and i still have everything including the tags and the hangar it comes with.. Reason i bought it was to have a summer jacket and a winter jacket, but my plans have since been altered.

    Sizing is SMALL, and to give you a rough estimation if it will fit, i'm about 5'7", 74KGs, chest size of 38-40", and this jacket fits wonderfully..

    Price: $225

    2nd item:
    Scorpion ALL-IN NAKED leather jacket

    All i can say about this jacket is, it looks stunning and feels solid. Again look up reviews on this jacket, and you will not be dissapointed. This is the naked version, which means it doesn't have patches on the chest area..

    This item is also brand new, and its life story exactly like the icon jacket.

    Sizing is also a small, and as the icon jacket, it fits great!

    Price: $225

    3rd item:
    Icon Arc Mesh Size 32

    As the above two jackets, this pants is also brand new and still has tags on it..

    Sizing wise, if you would normally wear a size 32 pair of jeans, then this pants will fit on top of your jeans/work pants. If you are planning on wearing just the pants by itself, you have to buy a size down, so this would fit a size 34 jeans person who's planning on wearing this by itself.. If you're a size 32, and are planning on wearing this by itself, it's doable but it'll be abit baggy..

    Price: $80

    Also have a pair of SIDI Vertigo Corsa Air size 41, also brand new and never seen the light. Perfect condition.

    Price: $250



  2. Totally negotiable guys.. Throw me an offer.. :)
  3. if those corsa's were white and size 42, i would've snapped them up straight away >.<
  4. Bjorn, where abouts are you?
  5. I'm located at Wantirna South 3152.. Yea bummer about the shoes.. :( I would totally keep it as a Star Wars boot if it was size 42 too.. It's abit tight atm, but I guess could use a bit of a wear in.. :)

    Some pictures also uploaded..

  6. What colour are the sidi's?
  7. I wants the all in naked leather jacket, but won't have funds for two months >_<

    When you say small... I am sometimes small, sometimes medium in mens... I am about a size 14 - 16 top half (female sizes)...?
  8. I can wait.. :) Jacket's not running anywhere on its own..

    Hmmm thing is I rarely buy shirts locally, always overseas so I wouldn't have a clue what fits what. But i'm generally a small in most shirts. My chest is about 38-39 inches and i fit in this fine, as the sizing chart would suggest..

    The sidis are black in colour..
  9. Yeah but I have largeish tits lol
  10. Well, if no one has bought it when I have the funds (paid off bike) I'll pay for it and postage, but if not a fit, is there chance of returning with full refund?

    Hmmm :S
  11. Have you tried on mens leather jackets, maybe hit the shops and try on a few small mens jackets before getting something shipped?

    In my experience they rarely fit women well, especially considering mc gear needs to fit very well (unless they are built like a man - no boobs, no hips, broad shoulders)
  12. I have boobs and hips, and sexy shoulders...

    Hmmm... prob won't fit. I'll have to do a trial run this Friday at the bike shop
  13. Haha did not realise you were a girl.. sorry.. But yea, do hit the shops and try out some men leather jackets in size small.. They're very similar in terms of sizing..
  14. Some fit some didn't. i'll have to pass - sorry hun!
  15. That's alright, thanks for your interest though!

    Anyways a bit of a price drop, am willing to trade too mainly for computer parts or a laptop..

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