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Gear from the USA

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by mogley, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. I´m currently travelling through Europe and the US and have decided I want to buy a bike. Probabaly something generic like CBR250RR. I figured since I am in the US and everything in the US is so much cheaper i should buy gear here before I bring it back.

    So a helmet and apparell.

    Is this a good idea? I can´t think why not since I have done some research and the Shoei X11 sells for over $1000 in Australia but is a tad over $600AUD in the USA.

  2. Just watch customs and quarantine when you come back in.

    A jacket you can probably easily explain away as something you took with you to ride with, but a new, state of the art helmet, not to sure.

    Make sure that any items of clothing, if you do wear them over there are clean of mud and seeds, or they may make you dip them in some god awful mixture that the smell of, will haunt you for rides to come.

    If you can work your way around those things, have always been a great believer in money still in the wallet is better than in somebody else's till.

    Good luck and hope you are enjoying the trip, don't be like me and get addicted to tootsie rolls though, mmmmm tootsie rolls.


  3. Helmets bought in the US will not have the appropriate AS (Australian Standards) sticker and thus are NOT legal in australia.
  4. Oh, no. Here we go again! :LOL:
  5. Being new to the site, this looks like something more is needed?? As I have a UK helmet which I presume is illegal here, what do you mean. I suspect this is something that has had much coverage before but it would be nice to know

  6. To summarize-

    The naughty side says- don't worry about it, they're the same helmet and will protect your head as good as any with the Australian std sticker on it. Go and save your money and get one O/S.

    The 'do right' side says- Sure it will protect your head, but you risk fines, voiding your insurance, and potentially having to payout loads of money in the event of a crash. It's not worth the couple hundred dollars saving.

    So the risk is yours to take should you accept this mission.

    BTW, I'm with the 'do right's' :grin:
  7. Mate, you'd be mad not to save $$ if you have the chance to. Many of us
    here buy our shit from overseas, whether it be bike parts, apparell or helmets.

    eg. https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=40393

    There is no evidence that apparell &/or helmets bought outside of
    Australia would create such drama's? Not aware of a single person here
    who has had problems.

    Well you just keep sticking with the 'do rights'. fing27.


  8. True, but the relevant laws have no room for interpretation. If a lid hasn't got the appropriate AS sticker, it's not legal to use it on the road. No ifs, no buts, no excuses.

    That said, if the helmet was to a recognisable overseas standard, it is VERY unlikely that you would suffer major insurance dramas in the event of a stack.

    However, should a copper take more than a passing interest in the event of traffic stop, you are VERY likely to end up with $150 and three points (or whatever the penalty may be) for contravening the relevant regulations. You would have no effective defence in this case.

    After saying all that, in WA there was an avenue whereby you could apply to the Vehicle Safety Branch for a bit of paper to allow the use of a BS lid on WA roads. They checked with Standards Australia and confirmed that the BS was broadly equivalent to the AS and so were sympathetic to such applications from migrants from the UK bringing their lids with them.

    However, that avenue would no longer be so easy to negotiate, even if still open as their most bike-friendly and least pedantic staff have moved on.

    Ultimately, it's your choice. Hell, I don't even agree with helmet compulsion so I'm not going to preach about what is, at the end of the day, a technical breach of a law I don't like much.

    And before everyone leaps on that provocative little statement, I'll just qualify it by saying that yes, I do think lids are a good idea and should be worn at all times. I just don't like having unqualified public servants making the decision for me.
  9. I get my shit at wholesale so theres no savings in it for me anyway \:D/
  10. Its cool mate.
    This has been discussed man times and I just knew the divide would be the same as always. Grab a bucket of popcorn and sit back and watch.
    Its up to you whether you can be bothered to run the risk of a non AS lid for a couple of hundred $$$ while you're here.

  11. Maybe I'll just go get a new Nolan fliplid after all.

  12. is it true that using tinted visor (no AS sticker) on daylight is not illegal? and it is illegal on night time?
  13. Note that custom paintjobs that involve removing or painting over the AS sticker would also fall into the same boat.
  14. Fair enough MG. Back in the UK, my summer lid was a Davida pudding basin. Not legal because it was a new helmet that didn't conform with then current BS. Had I ever been nicked for it, I would have taken a similar approach, by pointing out that I could, quite legally, have worn an identical helmet from the 1950s which had met the BS when new, but which was now suffering from 40 years of wear and material deterioration.

    But these days I'm older and lazier and it's an awful lot of stuffing around for, in the case of the OP, saving a few hundred bucks.

    If you take into account the time spent researching + court time and charge your time at, say, $35/hr, then add in the risk of getting a less sympathetic judge/magistrate, the question arises as to whether it's really worth it.

    Personally, I prefer to avoid having to spend my life looking over my shoulder. Yes, I quite enjoy sticking it to the authorities but not in a manner with the potential to give 'em an easy free kick.

    But, as I said, I don't give a stuff about what, if anything, another consenting adult chooses to wear on his/her head as long as their decision is an informed one.
  15. Anyone know any good U.S. sites to buy your riding gear from at good prices?
  16. I'm off in a week and my mission has gone from a gear spending spree to a parts search while over there! Still pissed off....... :evil:
  17.  Top
  18. True Pat.

    If it was me, I'd rather cop the fine sweet & keep using it. Like getting a
    fine for having a fender eliminator or getting done for jay-walking, it rarely
    happens & if it does, you count yourself unlucky, cop it on the chin & keep
    going. :wink:
  19. Just go with the Jacket!!!

    Forget the Hlemet though.. too much hastle!!
  20. I think they're technically illegal all the time, but I highly doubt you'll get done for it. I haven't heard of anyone being booked (night or day) for wearing a tinted visor. It won't compromise your vision as much (at night) as a bug in the eye will. :p