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gear for small build? problems/issues for smaller sized people?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by emilmh, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. Hey,
    Im lookin at jackets and most seem to only cater for terminator like built guys! :(

    Im lookin at buying online cos its cheaper, but fit might be a problem. My chest size is approx 32/33 inches and i cant seem to find many places that make em this small!

    any other people have experiance with shopping for bike gear thats in a smaller size?

  2. Try going to some of your local bike shops and trying on some jackets, note down sizes, brands etc and then follow them up online. Each brand fits differently so it's best to try them on 1st :)
  3. You could aslo try going into the 'kids' sizes as well, My G/f Nadeen is a very small build ( and blonde ) :LOL: :p yes dear im in trouble again :twisted:

    and we ended up getting her gloves xxs and dririder 'aspen' jacket in the so called kids size 'med' :shock:
    she is what i'd call very fashion consious and there was no way she would wear a jacket that as she put it " looks like im about to play gridiron"
    but the dririder jacket we ended up with is extremly funtional and road safe,plus looks damn good on her :)

    not all bike shops stock the smaller kids sized but if you shop around you will find em

  4. I know it's not online, but many places like MARS Leathers do custom.
  5. Good thinking, but my problem is that im short on income! and thats why im looking at RMgear, cos i can get what seems to be a decent leather jacket, for the same or cheaper price than a brand name textile one!!

    I'll have to try on some sizes in stores to sort it out i guess. Its just a shame that the jacket im after doesnt seem to come in a small size.
  6. Riding Gear

    Hey, I have two new pairs of bike pants, one pair are stagg, the other agvsport. They are brand new, never worn, bought them just before we moved to queensland (Damn cold where we came from!!) then we sold our bike, had our little girl, and too much good food and now for some strange reason they don't fit!!! Anyway, cut long story short, they are for sale. New RRP $250 each, we'll sell them for $150 each. I can email pics. Postage included.
    Great buy if you are smaller people.
    I was a size 8, my husband an 87.