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Gear for Newbie

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by biker one, Dec 29, 2006.

  1. Hello,
    I'm just getting into motorcycles, and still looking for the bike I will buy.
    I'm narrowing that down every day...my concern now is...the riding gear.
    When I walk through the bike shops, I have no idea where to start, what to guy etc. I just feel so bloody lost.
    Like how do I start to buy this stuff? It all looks like it is something that will take time to get used to wearing.
    Can anybodu offer me how to go about this?

  2. Are you planning to ride everyday or just on a sunny Saturday? Gentle cruzing in suburbs or do you want to play high speed in the twisties? The gear you want will depend on where and when you want to ride. Do you require waterproof gear or do you want things you can wear in a pub without looking out of place?

    You must have a helmet. I would highly recomend a full face item and expect to pay around $300 for a good one. You can spend a lot more than that but you don't need to. The money is mostly for the paint job, but all that really matters is that the lid fits. You should also have gloves and boots. Get leather and expect to pay around $80 for the gloves and $200-$300 for entry level boots. You can get cheaper but the armour on hands and feet is worth it. Make sure your gloves will overlap the jacket around 2 inches.

    Next is jacket and pants (also essential in my book). The best bet is cordura. Strong, light, waterproof, abrasion resistant and a shit load cheaper than leather. Most suits come with built in impact protection as well. With jaket and pants you definately get what you pay for, but you cn do well. I hit the twisties in a Joe Rocket Razor suit which has proven itself exceptional quality in a 60kph stack and only cost >$300. Leather is the best protection but it's expensive and not waterproof. A pair of Draggin or Hornee jeans is great to have when kicking about town cause you can get off the bike and instantly be in casual clothes, however you do give up impact protection on knees and hips and they're not waterproof. As with everthing else, the jacket and pants should fit properly. If it doesn't fit it won't work the way it should. Once you know the gear fits, then worry about air vents etc... :)

    Where do you live? Plently of Netriders would be willing to help you shop if you want advice. It makes sence to take a rider with you as many shops employ people on their sales figures rather than their knowledge of riding and rider's needs. I regularly ask questions only to find out the salesperson doesn't actually ride. :)

    Edit: Just noticed you said where you live in your profile. :oops: Plently of Queenslanders on NR. Make a friend and take him/her shopping. :grin:
  3. Hey biker one, Seany has given you some great advice there :)

    Just in relation to items with armour, ensure the armour is "stitting" in / on the right areas (shoulders, elbows, back, knees, hips) and not like flopping around or unable to "nestle" itself. If something like jacket sleeves are too baggy and the elbow protection wont sit still, its a wrong fit as all it will do is also slide/move/rotate if there was an impact, so try a different style.

    Most things with armour will feel a little strange when trying them on as the armour will be in no particular shape (usually due to flat packing) however it will nestle and adjust to you the more you wear it, just ensure its kinda "firm" fitting to the areas it is designed to protect.
  4. Speaking of armour I crapped myself when I got home and could barely zip my jacket up all the way to the neck because the armour in the elbows was restricting my movement! :shock:

    But once you're on your new bike you will completely forget. (And now with practice I *can* zip up all the way! Yay! :grin:

    Go and talk to staff in several different places. Explain that you are a new rider, and you need all your gear but you're not sure where to start.

    Some shops are way below par, "Oh, you'll love this, it's so cute and in hot pink!" whereas other shops are really good at asking what you NEED/WANT (like Seany did) and explaining the pros and cons of each item.

    Once you've gone to one store and tried on about two dozen items (helmets, gloves, jeans, jackets, boots) then the next few stores are a breeze.
  5. hey biker one.... welcome to netrider and the world of bikes :)

    i had similar thoughts when first starting out... seany's answer was fantastic in my book.. well done seany :) do you have a mate or friend that is a rider who could go with you to check out a few shops??? i took a mate with me to the bike show and expo at rna showgrounds earlier in the year.... he gave me advice about clothing, helmets and safety which really helped... i think your side of town has a few shops... in my personal experience i've found the teammoto shops to be pretty helpful when just wanting to ask questions and try stuff on without buying... if you need a hand give us a bell... i work as a chef (shift work) and have a 2yr old boy but am sure we can squeeze some time in to do some shopping ;) i've only been riding for 9 months now but happy to give over any advice that has helped me and help you to learn for your self what fits, feels great and does the job you are looking for....
  6. Thanks heaps for the reply's.
    You have given me somewhere to make a start.
    And BalmyBrowny thanks for the offer to help me out, I will keep that in mind when I'm about to hit the shops.

    biker one
  7. do leather (pants) come with hip knee protectors? is this usually CE approved