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Gear for new rider

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ImSkitzoAndSoAmI, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. I'm picking up an MT-07 tomorrow, if all goes to plan. I have $1,400 in the finance to spend at the dealer - planning on buying most or all gear from the dealer (hoping they will look after me, although it doesn't really feel like that so far).

    Being new to road riding (I have been riding dirt for close to 20 years), I need everything. I have been reviewing other similar threads to this one and I'm clear that fitment is the first priority. The dealer mentioned today they have Shark and Bell helmets. I assume they have other brands, but possibly not.

    Can I please get any advice people feel like chucking out there in regards to what gear I should be aiming for? I don't mind spending what I have to spend (over and above the financed amount if necessary) - I want to be as safe as possible.
  2. As a new rider (12 months) my 2 cents would be as follows.
    This is only my 2 cents worth and I value more experienced riders comments too!

    1. Helmets - Don't get hung up on brand names, each make is different in sizing and shape. Try the helmets on for around 15 mins, it should be snug but not to the point of leaving red marks and giving you an ice cream headache. My helmet which is around 6 months old is starting to feel a little loose as the pads have started to compress with use.
    2. Boots - depend on taste but make sure they have ankle support as chances are you will drop your bike and possible on you. I did and I was wearing racing style shoes, I was lucky but if the bike had hit my ankle.........
    3. Jacket - leather or textile, depends on taste but make sure the armour feels like it is the right spot and dosent move around when you flap your arms like a chicken.
    4. Jeans - make sure they have the Kevlar weave and not the fleese. The weave is stronger and gives better protection. I have a pair of draggin jeans and a pair of Aldi ones. If you do go for the Kevlar jeans you may want to think about buying armour for any inserts in the jeans.
    5. Gloves - Kevlar inserts in the knuckles, from my military days I loved my Kevlar gloves, saved my knuckles many times slamming into walls with my weapon.
    Also think about the length, you may want to consider longer ones to go over the top of your jacket cuffs, it keeps the rain out supposedly :)

    As I said I am not an experienced rider and this is just my suggestion.


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  3. Buy as good a helmet as you can (must fit well). Avoid cheap end riding gear as you'll probably want to upgrade it after a short while.

    My biggest advice - buy last season's high end stuff in it's run out sale, often a third or even half of RRP. Try and do some homework online tonight before you get all your gear from the dealer, you may save mega $. Or at least will have some bargaining power if they are offering something you want at a higher price than you can get elsewhere. I often preload specials etc in my phone to show the sales person when negotiating in store.

    Enjoy your new ride!!
  4. Tell them what budget you have to work with, they "should" look after you if you say you need to be kitted out too.
  5. check out try on as much as possible, helmet's will be the biggest decision as each has its own feel, you don't need to spend huge amounts to get a great helmet, especially if you look in the specials section.
  6. Where about's are you located?
    I found prices can vary quite a bit imho, When I was looking last week one store had Shark Race R Pro's going for $680 on special and another store had them at $580 as standard so shop around!
    This link was in a previous thread about Helmet safety vs prices - Linky
    And this is the SHARP Test from the UK - worth a look at when trying out helmets
  7. Thanks everyone. I ended up with:

    Bell 'Star' helmet:

    Alpinestars basic summer jacket (in red not yellow):

    TKD Jeans & liner:

    AXO Striker boots:

    Alpinestars short gloves

    and an Ogio backpack:

    The links above are just for reference. Everything except the boots came from the dealer, as they didn't have my size in those.
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  8. Great - enjoy the riding - take a pic of your bike somewhere and post in in "pics/photos from your ride" thread....
  9. Thanks. Will do. In the mean time, there's a pic of it here.
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