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Gear for a short bloke / new rider

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by negatron, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. hi all,

    I went to look at some kevlar reinforced jeans over lunch time and discovered that being a short bloke (5" 6, 165 cm approx?). ALl the kevlar pads at the knee level are way too low.

    The blokes at the shop are saying they can get draggin to custom make some for me but I'll have to pay full price + $20 bucks on top. making what used to be a $150 buck pair of jeans now close to $250.

    Any other alternatives i can try? I almost tempted to put dirt / knee armor on under normal pants and just ride like that.

    On another note. I was looking at these boots:


    just for a day to day riding the 50 cc to and from work, any comments on them?
  2. If you are going to Draggin Jeans, get ones that will fit properly and will protect you. Can you put a price on your safety?
  3. If you want protection, get cow. Nothing protects better. You might have more luck finding some leather pants that fit better. If not, you'd be able to get a leather repairer to modify a pair for you, I'm sure.
  4. I heard that there might be places that will reinforce jeans that you bring in with kevlar to turn them into DIY draggins.

    Anyone used places like these b4?
  5. You can buy Draggin's liners. You can wear them under any pants you want.
  6. Seems to be a bit of a catch cry around here.

    Not that that's a bad thing, but I don't think negatron was going to get the ill fitting draggins, he was just looking for alternatives that would fit him.

    I've been looking around negatron and it seems you need 2 things for good protection. Impact protection, and slide resistant (ie the material will hold together and protect your skin from being abraded in a slide).

    Draggin jeans do the first well (better than normal jeans anyway), but not the second. Armour will do the first, and the second where the armour is placed, but not on the rest of your legs and arms. There are other jeans around with Kevlar in them.

    This site reviews a few pair:

    But the blokes that do the review are taller too, so perhaps no good to us short arses. Plus they perhaps have a bigger budget than I know I do.

    Good-luck with the pants. If you find something good let me know, and I'll do the same :].

  7. I actually had a similar problem with the Icon jeans, like the styling more than the draggins, but the kevlar patches were just too low to be effective in my opinion. So I got the draggins instead.
  8. Re: nice!

    Not sure, I've seen them on ebay and a internet site called 'kit bag' but not sure about stores you can walk into.

    Noice find :].
  9. when you try on the jeans did you sit on a bike? I find when standing the kevlar patch starts just above my knee cap. when sitting on a bike the patch is in the right position. I'm only 5'7.
  10. I had the same thing. Even the knee armour inserts hang low when I'm not on the bike. But when I'm in the riding position they fit just fine. :grin: