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Gear & First Bike (big spending weekend)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by DaRock, Jun 28, 2009.

  1. So I've had a huge weekend of bike related buying.

    First off I bought my first set of gear.

    Shark RSI Helmet - $299-

    RJays Evo Jacket - $299-

    Rjays Explorer 2 Pants - $199-

    Fusport Sports Boots - $189-
    <need to find a link>

    C&R Tarmac Gloves - $59-
    <need to find a link>

    TOTAL PACKAGE = $1049-

    I was pretty happy with the gear. Good quality, lots of in-built padding, all season with zip out liners, waterproof, confortable, etc.

    Next I went to look at a bike I'd had an eye on for a bit. I've been looking around at Suzuki GS500's for a number of weeks, and found this one while enquiring about another. So I went down to check it out. I ended up taking ot for a test ride, and then shaking on it subject to finance. I'd planned for the prospect of buying it, but I still can't believe this will be my bike!!!


    6k km on the clock, just had it's 2nd service, 12 months reg and also 12 months factory warranty. The bike was in great condition and rode very smoothly. I knocked them down a bit to $6700- ride away, and I feel like I got a pretty good deal.

    All in all it's been a huge weekend. I can't wait to get my bike next Saturday. :cool:
  2. good work dude - what was the other one you were looking at?
  3. http://www.tradingpost.com.au/Autom...ikes/AdNumber=W756162485357?BackToResult=true

    Rang up about that one, and the dealer told me about the other.

    This one has less km's but has only had one service and is an older model, so no factory warranty. I didn't actually look at this bike, but the dealer said mine looked much cleaner (but mine looked near new, so that doesn't mean this one would be too bad).

    Posted some thoughts about GS500's in your thread.
  4. good work..

    im 18 and i spent $2300 on my gear :-O

    worth the protection tho
  5. Well done ... see you out an about soon enough :grin:
  6. good stuff DaRock - am after a non-fairing bike really - am bound to drop the thing - remember when i first took it off the stand and it just went down!!!! (were you next to me at Hart or further along the line?)
  7. Looks like you bought exceptionally well.

    Oh, and I CAN smell what DaRock is cookin' :LOL:
  8. mind you, i might even start looking at an enduro style bike i think if i cant get a VTR250 for the right price...
  9. I have the exact same bike... colour, year, etc. I purchsed it new. You will really enjoy it, I think it is a great bike, especially when starting out. I have put a bit over 7000 K's on mine and I am really enjoying it.