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Gear changing techniques*Newb help*

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by raiden337, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    Please no Hyo jokes ;) buuuut My Hyo is sliping out of gears sometimes. you hear the chain grabbing and then it kicks back into gear.

    I think it is more rider lack of skill rather than bike problem, can you guys give me tips on a correct gear change?

    It happens after a quick change usualy jumps off gear during take off maybe 3-4th gear. chain makes an awefull noise like it's grabbing at the gears, engine free revs for a second and then kicks back into gear.

    I'm changing with a bit of clutch but not fully engaged, Usually a two finger clutch till the lever hits my other fingers on the handlebars.

    (EDIT) this is not a question about clutch or not clutch, please just help if you know what might cause my problem ;)
  2. Common problem with noobs.
    It sounds like your hitting 'false neutral'..

    Can't this stress enough. When changing gears with the clutch, keep your pressure going upwards as you engage and disengage the clutch!

    That makes sure that as the clutch 'grabs' again the gear change is positive and can't fall back down and consequently out of gear.

    Clutch in,throttle shut
    Shift up, Keep foot up/constant pressure upwards
    Clutch out, throttle back on
    Relax foot

    Make it habit and it will become smoother
  3. Yes, don't just tap or shove the pedal, hold a tiny bit of pressure on the gear pedal, then pull the clutch a bit and it will 'PoP' into next gear, and keep the pressure on the pedal until you've let the clutch out properly.
    Sounds like you're just rushing the pedal movements.
  4. You may be being too gentle with the pedal as well; give it a decent boot when changing down, and click it up hard coming up. You need to make sure the gear is properly engaged.

    And, at the risk of sounding like a cracked record, if you have your gearshift and brake pedal adjusted correctly so that your foot is contacting them with the right angle and power, I can guarantee this won't happen.
  5. Fantastic guys,
    thank you heaps for the lesson.

    That sounds like it is my problem
  6. Yep Hornet is correct, if the linkage is not adjusted properly that may be apart of the problem.

    Take it to your Hyo dealer to adjust.
  7. The only qualifier to this, is don't follow this if your following the earlier advice about preloading the shift lever.

    (By the way, there are good reasons NOT to preload the shift lever, but no one listens. So do one or the other. Gentle preload, or hefty boot)

    For mine:

    • Clutch in /throttle roll off (simultaneously)
    • Solid positive shift up till end of travel. (you'll hear the click - no need to hold pressure).
    • Relax foot.
    • Gradually roll throttle on and then gradually let clutch out, continuing to roll on throttle during clutch out move.
    • Smile :)

    +1 on having pedals adjusted.
  8. Hey thanks raiden337...I wanted to ask this very question but you bet me to it!!

    I have this problem but only when gearing down occasionally...it doesn't jump out of gear as such but makes that rattling noise like its trying to find the gear.

    First I thought it was my foot resting on the lever when letting out the clutch then I thought it was the gearbox!!!(ha!!..what an idiot :oops: )However I feel I let the clutch out smoothly.

    Should I push down on the lever harder??

    Blipping the throttle make a difference??

    I have a VTR250 its a great bike.......WTF am I doing wrong???!!!!!!!

    Cheers fellas
  9. I got this solid advice from an experienced motorbike rider.

    If it ever jumps out of gear shift up...not down again, in the event you invite a big lock up.

    JZA stomping down harder usually helps.