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gear advice- best place to buy in sydney?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by my03, Sep 19, 2005.

  1. hey guys where is the best place to buy gear in sydney in terms of price and range?

    i'm looking into getting jacket, boots, gloves, and helmet, can anyone recomend me good brands/models for each?

    i dont mind paying extra for good quality gear that's gonna make a difference in a fall, but honestly, im not gonna heaps for graffics on m,y helmet or anything, i just want to be protected the best i can be.

    any tips?

  2. North, south, east or west?
  3. well im from north,. but honestly, i can go anywhere if they are the best to go to in terms of price and range.
  4. MCAS has a good selection, but is expensive and tends to have a lot of wankers work there. That said, they have last years Shoeis for 500-odd (the XR1000) which is a decent price. I'd recommend getting the rest of your gear on e-bay as its a fraction of the price.
  5. hey spud gun, when you say ebay do yoyu mean the international site?

    are the sizes the same as here? so i can just go buy my helmet, and try on some gloves and boots for size, and then buy the helmet, ride with just the helment for the mean while and then buy the rest of the stuff on ebay?
  6. i was in your exact position 2 months ago. i knew i was getting my Learners and wanted to buy a bike asap so i needed the gear beforehand.

    without fuss getting all your gear at one shop is good cause you can get a discount. i bought all my gear at MCAS and i can't remember the guy there but he was very helpful in getting me gloves, helmet, pants, boots, back protector.......i got my leather jacket on ebay. and later a pair of racing gloves on ebay too.

    cause i bought so much he discounted $300 and then i asked for a $40 disc lock and he threw that in too. cause i tried everything on, knew it was new and could walk away with it in one day i was overall quite happy with my purchases.

    hope this helps
  7. thanks mate, is that shop in sydney?"

    roughly how much should i set aside for helmet, gloves, boots and jacket? about 2 grand?
  8. sorry guys, i just discovered it's in sydney, which store should i go to? parra, livo or city?
  9. Try the Helmet Warehouse at Yagoona for your helmet. They're good people.
  10. yeah MCAS is on wentworth avenue in the city and there are stores at liverpool and parramatta. 2 grand would be more than enough although you would definitely be able to spend that much. just a warning, i bought an Rjays leather jacket about 2 months ago and its already falling apart. so even though they are cheap they probably arent the best idea. although some people ive spoken too have had their Rjays gear for yonks and its held up so i guess it just depends. maybe check the stitching before you buy it. and my Rjays gloves have held up fine. just be aware you get what you pay for.
  11. thanks for the tip pt, is there any particular mcas store i should go to that would give me the better discount or service? i personally would prefer the city one because it's closests./

    how are alpine stars jackets? i was thinking of going one of them, the one i wanted was 799
  12. G'day my03. I'm from the North as well... well, more NW. I think MAW (in Castle Hill) is better than MCAS. The service/advice there is far better and so are their prices. If you give them your details, they'll sign you up as a member and give you a discount. Of course, if you buy more stuff, they'll do a better deal for you.

    It's worth checking out before getting your gear from MCAS.

    Look out for a guy called Matt there in particular. He's a top bloke and I think he runs the show.

  13. Sorry... MAW = Motorcycle Accessories Warehouse
  14. thanks vc, will def check it out., do they have a website?
  15. (I put it at the bottom of my first reply). Here 'tis again: www.maw.com.au - not the most comprehensive/slickest site. Better to go there in person.

    Even if they don't have whatever you're looking for, they can order it in within a day or two.

    And something to keep in mind: They aren't the biggest fans of RJays gear so they don't stock it - they think the quality doesn't last. In fact, as far as I know, only MCAS stocks RJays.

    Just curious: Where are you in the 'north'? What are you riding?
  16. hey vc, sorry bout that, its jyust on this forum so many people put websites and sentances in their signatures, that its second nature to read past the bottom of the post :)

    I'm from north shore in lindfield (it's a few stations from chatswood, and i work in north sydney, which is why i wanted to get a bike (and ive always loved engines)

    i just got my l's on saturday and at the moment im probally looking for something cheap (4 grand mark) probally a cbr.

    theres actually a cbr in the tradingpost from castle hill that i might go check out, i might as well check out the store while im there,.
  17. MCAS at Liverpool are a bunch of stoners.

    Parra is better. Also bikebiz and Action Suzuki are nearbye, so you can walk.

    MCAS city ans Sydney city Motorcycles are near each other.

    Can't comment on MAW.
  18. MAW is also excellent. Greg Byrnes and his brother are the proprietors, have been involved in motorcycles and motorcycle racing since back in the 1970's. Top guys, especially Greg.
  19. thanks for the replies guys, wouldnt mind heading down to livo when they're hell smashed and they'll give me freebies :)

    yeah i'll probally head down to castle hill and pay maw a visit.

    oh and also if you guys know of anjy mates about to sell their babyblades please let me know.
  20. i second that not to buy rjays

    i bought the best rjays pants, cordura cause i thought it would give me alotta protection. i had a small off and now i got a hole ripped in the knee half the size of my palm! and it was only a minor off.

    unless all cordura pants are like that? i dunno, but i'm definitely getting leather next.

    if you want leather jackets. don't pay $800 for it in stores. i would check out ebay. or....check out this cool site.......i haven't used em but i like the prices!