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Gear & Accessories Stores in Sydney

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by wil55n, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. Hi guys,

    Just wondering if anyone here can suggest a store with a good range of accessories and gear to try on in Sydney? I've been to MCAS but I'm a bit sick of all the RJays gear :)

  2. Bikebiz, great western hwy, parra
  3. Thanks for the suggestions guys.
    I checked them out.
    Just some opinions I gathered about the stores...

    Bikebiz Granville/Parramatta: Good service. Mainly RRP prices. A few specials, but not much. Walk in prices seem to match online prices.

    Sydney City Motorcycles Kogorah: Average service. RRP prices mainly. Their online store seems to quote cheaper prices?

    Sydney City Motorcycles Lane Cove: Good service. Good range. Prices same as Kogorah.

    The Helmet Warehouse: Great service. Small range. Flexible on prices.

    MCAS Auburn: Great service. Good range. Prices are nearly always RRP unless it is RJays branded.

    Action MC Parramatta: Good service. Small range.

    Of course these can change at any given day, but I thought it might be helpful to post my inital opinions :)
  4. exactly the same opinions i have of those places.
  5. Western Motorcycles in Penrith is HUGE, and as I remember the last time I was there they had heaps of stock of all sorts of brands.....
  6. I got kitted out at Motorcycle Accessories Australia. 36 - 38 Wentworth Ave, Sydney

    $800 for R-Jays helmet, R-jays Jacket, boots, gloves, and TWO pairs of Hornee kevlar jeans. Including a decent discount (just ask)
    i might add i went with the generally cheaper options

    They were helpful too considering they were down staff at the time

    and great range too. Way more than the joint down the road
  7. I always go to Omades,silly me, they closed 25 years ago
  8. Bikebiz have 15% off A* jackets every now and then, just ask.
  9. Just one warning I found regarding Motorcycle Accessories Australia.
    Their prices should be checked, some items are way over RRP, I was looking at their stock of OGIG backpacks and they are way overpriced.

    Example: they are asking $189 for the Less Drag and $295 for the No Drag model.
    Less Drag should be $150 and No Drag should be $195.

    So remember shop around, you can save a lot more that you think.
    Also with the AU$ at its current value the internet is your friend, fleabay, US and UK based shopes are ripe for the picking.
  10. Go to MCAS and use it as a dressing room ;P

    Try the stuff on you want to buy to get sizing etc then buy from the US. Only issue is that you can't buy helmets from overseas since no AS1698 sticker. You could buy it from MCAS or I've also heard good thing about TheHelmetWarehouse
  11. Been to mcas, bike biz (both parts n Granville), helmet warehouse and Sydney city mc. Mcas had big range of gear and lots of sale stuff too. I got a good discount on my gear from action though. My jacket was advertised as $320rrp at bike biz n other online sites. Bought for $250 at action. They do some VIP discounts but just ask and they can do u a good deal, provided u don't buy just 1 item of course...