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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by boho, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. Howdy, folks. Ian / een here - I'm a mate of Loz's (and another one of the Suade boys). ;)

    Currently drive a 1992 Rover Mini and am an ex-mod / still quite active on ausmini (dot com).

    Lookin' at getting something smaller than the Mini and with only two wheels. :p

    Keep well, I.
  2. Spammer! Troll! Car driver!
  3. Two words: Hyundai. Nubira.
  4. Not sure i would admit to being mates with loz, he isn't the most popular bloke round here.... :LOL: bloody hoon, wheeling and stoopies at every chance he gets, giving all the rest a bad name..

    Welcome to the boards

    cheers stewy :)
  5. That would be a Daewoo. Or a 'Woo-hoo' if you ask MVRog. But we're chucking it in for a Telstar it looks like.
  6. The hyosung of cars I believe,

    Welcome any friend of Loz's is bound to be a smartarse :LOL:
  7. Well, the latter is correct. :p
  8. Welcome Aboard Ian !!!
    ... Let's just forget you said that eh :p
  9. Don't worry, I'm sure Een will find plenty of ways to make himself unpopular here without any of my help. :grin:

    Tell the nice Netrider folks about your 'threatening' appendage.
  10. Ah! I see my reputation precedes me. :cool:
  11. Welcome to the nut house :)
  12. I won't call this the nuthouse, I rather call this the "castration asylum" :LOL: :LOL:
    Anyway, I want to say a big hi too, I'm still just an old lurker from early last year :)